Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free Give Away Raffle

The guys down Sure thing Hobbies have decided to send me a small care package of Warmachine and FoW things. Since I dont really play either nor am I familiar with the game systems and no one to teach me, I've decided to give them away in a type of raffle. In 4 weeks, 28 days from now, ill hold a raffle for anyone that has subscribed to this blog. Ill pick the winner at random from that list.

So if your into warmachine and or FoW, nows your chance for some goodies.

On a side note, I'm looking to get advice on what tutorials people are most interested in. Its something that can help the community as well as keep my mind occupied. So comment away on things you'd like to learn!


  1. Hope you'll find peace of mind while working on this blog.

    tutorials i would really like to see are: NMM, weathering, source lighting.

    Allthe best to you and your family

    Cheers Roderik

  2. Thats the goal of this blog. To keep my mind occupied.

    NMM isn't my strong suit but I'm not terrible at it either so I think I can come up with one, at least for the basics.

    Weathering with wash's and inks and minimal use of MIG pigments shouldn't be a problem at all. In fact ive been diving into them pretty heavily.

    Ill see what I can do about getting a nice Tutorial on weathering up ASAP with one of the Sons of Horus models.

  3. I wouldn't mind some basing ones.

  4. Perfect idea for a tutorial! Consider it on the list.

  5. Damn, got beat on the basing, would totally love to see that.

  6. weathering i've failed at consistantly. it's harder to me than i thought it'd be

  7. Thats a good idea Adam! Speaking of, ill get some shots of the Obsideon Chariot this week :D

  8. hell yeah. When I failed to whip it out at my last game they wrote is off as myth, Damn nids players, lol, but I expect they'll find the eventual reality quite convincing as I roast them at range.

    Am I filled with loathing for the xeno?
    *pinches two fingers close to each other*
    just a 'lil bit.

  9. Wait, a second I have to say..

    They'll soon learn their folly when they witness the power of a fully operational legendary super-heavy vehicle.