MWC has been receiving a lot of requests for podcast interviews. So, we have finally decided to give what the people want.

MWC's very first podcast apperance was on the 11th Company. Whats that you say?! Lantz and Marcus from it on The 11th Company episode 71.

 During Pat's segment, Pat's Corner, they represented MWC proudly by discussing  MWC's plan for the present and future along with Grey Knights and the AdMech FanDex. The segment begins at 37:13, but the entire episode is worth listening as usual. Great podcast in general but especially since 2 of MWC's great writers are there. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Next up will be with Interesting Tactics.

Several more are in the works, with more details posted as they come in. So stay tuned!

If you or someone you know has a podcast and would like to interview Me, or any of the very talented writers here at MWC please, email us at MiniatureWargameCo@gmail.com. We cant wait to hear from you!