Saturday, April 9, 2011

*Possible Fake* Leaked Sister of Battle Playtest Codex Pages

Hey Folks,

Was doing a bit od browsing last night and came across this a few seperate posts on various blogs hinting at some released playtest codex pages for the Sisters of Battle codex. After some searching i found the actual 4 pages people kept refering to.

I must say this makes me a bit excited. New plastic kits are always great and I know way to many people that have waited years upon years for some plastic sisters. Woot!

What does everyone else think?


  1. Plastic Sisters? I'm in like Flynn. Nuns with guns rock!

  2. I hate to be that guy, but I'm pretty sure these pages are fake...

    As from what I've seen the pages first appeared on April 1. I believe they are Photoshopped 2nd and 3rd edition pages. I'd like to be wrong...but most other sources show a 'new' repressor model that is just the one from Forgeworld.

    I'd love for these to be real, but just my 2 cents. I think 2012 might see SoB...but certainly not til after Tau and Necrons (though why start trusting the rumour mills, eh?).

    Plastic sisters would be so awesome...and while there might be some work being done...I don't think the leak is real.

  3. The pics actually came out on the 27th. The few places ive seen them discussed people simply show the FW repressor as an example, no one has really said its a new release as clearly the models arent finished. I only think its real because ive seen several play test codexs, most recently the Grey Knights one and this looks very similiar to all those. I also have the small paper back sisters dex and the actual dex they did. They arent the same lists by any means :D

    But who knows, if it is fake, they are still pretty! Hehe

  4. I can't wait to see if these rumors pan out. Also the new plastic kits if anything like the other new kits will be awesome. =P

  5. MWC, quite possibly true, just wanted to note that there has been a similar 'anti-rumor'

    They do look like the play test GK dex.

    We'll see, eh?

  6. Sounds interesting. Let's wait and see

  7. Agree with Jason. Whilst I'd love it to be true - Repressor Meltaspam for me! - I doubt it is. And if it is... I can see it getting nerfed between now and the release. Not tweaked, nerfed.