Sunday, April 10, 2011

[Martin's Musings] Vassal 40K

Heard of Vassal? Perhaps you have. If not; it's a free-to-download and -use computer application. It's designed to be able to run hundreds of user-designed and -maintained modules for all sorts of games. The one we're interested in...

Your addiction starts here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Vassal 40K, in a sentence? A fun-filled sky's-the-limit sandbox for all things 40K; you can test drive your latest lists, hook up with fellow bloggers or forum members for intercontinental gaming fun, or get in that all-important practice for the Grand Tournament.

There's not much point in me wasting space here with a gargantuan tutorial on every nook and cranny of the 40K Module, when a kind soul from Tau Online has already done the work over on their forum. Here y'are. Don't be daunted by the seemingly huge tutorial, it's very straightforward to follow, and is chocked full of pics!

As for software, you'll need the general game engine, as well as the specific module. Links there are to the most recent version of each. Don't say I'm not kind to y'all. I'll discretely post up here whenever there's a significant update; outdated versions tend to become abandoned and desolate almost overnight.

It's a Lemon Russ! (I just had to... in a Tommy Cooperesque kind of way...)

I highly recommend you get on Vassal and give it a try. It's great for so many reasons, as mentioned above. I've fallen in love with it; I'm practically an addict.

I can be found trawling around Vassal - most days, in fact - simply as "Martin". I'd happily give you a game, or help you get your bearings in the program. Just shoot me an email using the contact details over in the side-bar, and we can arrange something.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get yersel' onto Vassal.*

* You'll have trouble pulling yourself back off.


  1. Glad people are still playing my old module :) was great fun drawing all the sprites. Wish I still had time to do it!

  2. Whehey, it's a comment! And from Vassal 40K's creator, no less!

    Hats off to you, good sir. Thanks for an awesome module.