Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Lantz's Corner] MaxMini Review

MaxMini is one of those miniatures websites that is pretty popular with the 40k community. If I had to guess, I'd say at the very least one out of every three people reading this article has ordered from them at some point. They have a great line of conversion bits including their Kromlech line, and I've heard nothing but good things. With my eyes upon these tantalizing bits for some time, I finally pulled the purchase-trigger for some current projects I'm working on and after receiving my order in the mail, decided to write a short and sweet review on what I got for the few of us that haven't ordered from them before. More after the break.

In this order I purchased Mechanical Hammers and Steampunk Weapons:

First I'd like to note that I've ordered a lot of bits over the course of a month from all over the world. MaxMini was by far the fastest shipping time out of them all, taking less than a week. This is especially impressive since they're based in Poland. However, with the pros come the cons. There are a few instances of massive mold lines that obstruct the model itself and air bubbles like below:

 And molds not cooling properly:

But aside from these issues that can be fixed with a little effort, I can't deny the extremely intricate detailing these models have. The pistons and wiring in the bionic limbs are fantastical, along with the gear-work on the Steampunk Weaponry:

The plastic feels solid, as well. I think we can all hold a cast in our hands and tell immediately whether or not the resin seems cheap or not. MaxMini is doing things right in this respect.

Fast Shipping
Fine detailing

Casting issues (air bubbles and massive mold lines/obstructions)

These conversion bits are, in my opinion, well worth the purchase. The casting has a few minor kinks in it, but for the price tags on these things you can't argue with what you get. Finely detailed and well priced, MaxMini is worth a look.

~Lantz aka Sinaura


  1. I've made a couple orders from MaxMini and I've been very pleased each time. The 'steampunk weapons' set is great for Ad-Mech conversions, but and I like the looks of the cybernetics but I haven't ordered any yet. I may have to remedy that oversight!

  2. They're pretty fantastic, I agree.

    I just did some conversions with the limbs today, they're fantastic. I'll make a post on it on TMP later this week I believe.