Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Winners of July's Conversion Contest!

I'd Like To Think Our Contests Are Less Nerdy Than This, But Who Am I Kidding?..

That's right! The votes are in from *deep breath* Miniature Wargame Conversion's Miniature Conversion Contest... *pant* Everyone did a fantastic job and the feedback for this contest has been more than delightful, and I personally liked the Craig's Arjac Rockfist (I've got a real soft spot for CSM right now.) A few notes; first, proxy-voting is checked for all votes and are removed once the poll closes. Where we won't disqualify for its use (as it may or may not be the entrant doing so,) these votes are always removed from the count. So, be kind, don't make us do extra work just because you're a moron. Second, entry names will be included in August's contest, we had some issues with this first contest run and we're slowly, but surely working out all the kinks. So, without further delay, let's find out who our winners are this month starting with the MWC staff winner which was...Oh, would you look at that...

Staff 1st Place
What It Be: Staff Entry 1, Lantz's Wraith Lord
Prize: Choice of any GW products worth $2,000 or less, but it comes out of their own damn pocket.
Explanation: My counts-as Destroyer-body Lord from the Necron 3rd Edition Codex (p16.) Necron Wraith body, Necron Destroyer Lord torso and arms, melted SM Predetor turret hatch, Green Stuff, SM Rhino top hatch. My blog entry for more details: http://themagnetpro.blogspot.com/2010/02/wraith-lord-conversion.html

3rd Place
What It Be: Entry 16, Kinnay's Dark Eldar Haemonculus
Prize: Choice of any GW product worth $15 or less
Explanation: The entire miniature has been inspired by the Haemonculus art found in the Dark Eldar Codex on page 34 (or here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-BWLxOJN8T48/TVoGdE9XgUI/AAAAAAAABJ8/c8CYEULjZfA/s1600/Haemonculus.jpg).

In the beginning I have tried to stay as close to the art as possible, but slowly adding a few alterations because of the restrictions of available parts.

For the body I have used the Acothyst of the new Finecast Wracks, sawing the miniature in half and connecting the robed legs with the torso of a Venom driver. I also sawed off the Wrack's feet because I wanted to have the Haemonculus in a floating position, rather than a walking. So I carved the sandals off of one foot and glued it in its new position to the legs, along with the left foot of a WHFB Corpse Cart zombie.
I used Green Stuff to make a new tattered skin-robe around the Wrack's legs, like in the artwork, and extended the outer leather robe up to the breast of the Haemonculus. A small chain from Forgeworld around his waist completed the effect.

The shoulder pad is from the Hellions, as is the head - but with the hair carved off, obviously.

Again copying the artwork, I chose the arms, their position and their armament. The Haemonculus' lower right arm is from the Raider crew, the lower left from the Wyches. The middle right arm is from the Hellions, the middle right one is the Flesh Gauntlet from the Wracks set. The upper right arm is from the Talos kit, but with the two little hooks removed and replaced by the blades of two identical Wych knives. The upper left arm is also from the Talos kit, but with the hilt of a Wych knive as extension for the syringe to be in the right angle.
All arms have been cut apart, rearranged and pinned together to be in a position as close as possible to the original.

The back 'module' is based on one of the Wrack backs. It has been pinned to the Haemonculus' torso, had some vials and spines removed, others added. One of the horizontal bone racks has been crossed over the Haemonculus's head to come close to the original artwork. I added a chain with hook from the Raider kit.

The 'tail' is one of the spine-tentacles from the Cronos. I pinned it to the base and the back module, knitting the appearances together with green stuff. The upper arms mentioned above have been worked into the back module as well.

As details that are not in the original artwork, I added two blade sheathes for the two knives the Haemonculus is holding, both from the Raider kit. I also added two grenaded from the Tau Kroot Warriors and a severed rotting head from the WHFB Corpse Cart.

The base has been done using plasticard, fine sand, slightly larger stones, wood and SecretWeapon bolter shell cases. The base is filled with Milliput to weigh the base and keep it from toppling over all the time.

Note how much thought has been put into the design of the miniature. Every limb is built with free movement in mind. The lower arms are armoured, because they are closest to the enemies on the ground. The upper arms are growing out of the back and of course added by surgery. They are weaker, thinner and more mechainc than the others.

Every blade has a sheath, the grenades are on the side with the free hand.
The hair, the cloth, the chain - everything is flowing into the correct wind direction, relative to their weight.

2nd Place
What It Be: Entry 13, Warflake's Captain Sigismund
Prize: Choice of any GW product worth $25 or less
Explanation: http://40kn00b.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-mwc-conversion-contest-entry-captain.html

The body and head from the Company Champion, Terminator Storm Shield, Forge World pre heresy legs, power sword with a combat blade added to the end and the end cut off and replaced, cape I had in a pack of 5 from ebay, Imperial Fist Shoulder pad, Brass etching fist from Forge World, old school backpack and a bunch of purity seals.

This was all stuff from the bitz box that I've thrown together to make him.

1st Place
What It Be: Entry 14, Ron's Asdrubael Vect
Prize: Choice of any GW product worth $50 or less
Explanation: The core body was a Dark Eldar Archon Finecast figure with some details shaved off or modified. The shoulder pads, fur pelt, knee pads and hair were sculpted from greenstuff as well as the Obsidian Orb which replaced the flaming pyramid in the right hand of the Finecast figure. The head is a High Elf Dragon Prince Helmet with the front detail shaved and sculpted to match a Dark Eldar Aesthetic and the back banner is from a Dark Elf Corsair banner. Several small gemstones were shaved off assorted High Elf bits and added all over Vect, including on the gloves, front helmet and shoulder pads.

The staff arm started off as a Dark Eldar pike arm rom the Raider crew, but the glove was sculpted to match the Archon glove on the right hand. The staff itself is comprised bits of several High Elf Mage staff pieces as well as some Dark Eldar vehicle blades.

The base is mostly sculpted from greenstuff with the exception of the face itself which is from a Scibor basing kit and the side of the helmet fin which was a rudder from a Dark Eldar Raider.

Congrats to the first winners of our monthly contest! August's contest has already begun, so check out the rules here for August, and for the rules covering every month's contest click here.

So please, all winners leave a comment here on what prize you want and email us as well. All we ask in return is when you receive it, you please take a picture of it with the MWC page in the background!

A HUGE thanks to everyone that entered and cant wait to see what everyone comes up with next!


  1. Awesome stuff, I would like a Space Marine Combat Squad please. This is for my current project of making some custom Sternguard.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. @Warflake - Email us your address to the same email you mailed your entry and ill order it right now.

  3. Okay, I don't have an account with the name, but I'm Kinnay. I'll send you an email later to prove it.

    Glad I made the third place and congratulations to the other two winners!

    Anyways, as there isn't really a lot you can get for $15 (damn you, GW price hikes!), I think I'll go with the Woodelf Highborn with great weapon (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440114a&prodId=prod1160057a).
    Yes, it costs $15.25. If that is a problem, I'd go with the new Warriors of Chaos Sorcerer Lord instead (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat640010a&prodId=prod1250027a), though I prefer the Woodelf.

    Both models would of course be used for more Dark Eldar conversions! :)

    Thanks again,

  4. Email your prize wants to miniaturewargameco AT gmail DOT com

    The 15.25 set is no prob.

  5. Wow, this is awesome! Congrats to everyone that won and to those who entered!

    I would love a Dark Elf Dreadlord on Black Dragon. I plan to use it for a sick Dark Eldar Conversion :)

    I'll email my info shortly.

    Thanks again!

  6. Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who participated! Some great work all around. I look forward to seeing what people come up with for the August contest (though I won't be participating this go-around, no vehicle conversions to be done at the moment)...

  7. Congratulations to all and especially to Lucky, who imho was the worthiest winner.
    Hopefully, we will have as many great entries next month.

  8. Damn I didn't have a chance with those!

    Congrats to the winners and keep up the converting!

  9. very nice they are all amazing! i particuarly like warflakes entry :)!

    and MWC did you get my entry or was the email faulty?, just wanting to check for future contests!


  10. @fuzz - Nope, we double checked, no email from you in the inbox or spam box. This month we will be replying letting people know they were recieved and if say you dont get a reply, post it as a comment here. We felt terrible that you didnt get a chance and wish we could have seen your entry!

  11. its cool ill enter this or next month :)