Friday, April 29, 2011

Wonderful Set of Earth-Tone Pigments with Review!

I stumbled across a great site a few days ago. I couldn't wait and placed and order to try out the set of pigments that they offer. Even being located in the UK and me in the US, shipping only took 4 days. Granted I paid a bit extra for the fastest shipping but still 4 days, including getting past customs is amazing.

You get 60 grams of pigments for only 6 euros! That's not even 10 dollars US for almost 3 times the amount of normal Mig Pigments you would get and cheaper to! I ordered 1 container of each color.

So to start off, I went with the Brown Earth. Id actually say its bordering on a black, great for soot, scorch marks and even for making mud on bases and models feet and or tracks on tanks.

Next up is Shadow Earth. This is the true, dirt color most people want for mucking up bases and adding that little bit of realism to the flatter areas of bases and to build up around track housings on tanks. It also looks great to dirty up larger scale models hands and faces, you know, for those Underhive scum!

Then we have Burnt Shadow Earth. Basically the same as Shadow Earth above only a lighter color. It can also double as aged rust spreading into the dirt or onto things that don't generally rust if they are laying in a pile of old metal.

One of my favs actually is Burnt Sienna Earth. This is a GREAT rust pigment, not quiet new rust and not old rust, its perfect for those "aging" rubbled out pre fabbed colony buildings that play a large part on the gaming tables around here. It also works GREAT when used very sparingly on the cloths of models that you want to appear weathered and aged. Also great around rips and tears in cloths.

Sienna Earth... This one I can only find one use with it so far and that's for terrain. Anything that has that nice chemical feel or industrial dust, this works great. Anyone that's seen Enemy at the Gates knows what I'm talking about here!

And finally, we have Chrome Green Earth. Honestly, this does look pretty good when mixed in with a bit of flock after its been glued down. Just flick a bit in the cluster of grass and then blow out the extra. It gives it that nice "living feel" that most static grass doesn't really have. It also makes me think or how Orks breed, with Orky Spores!! Might look great built up along the edges of Ork terrain and or vehicles.

So that covers the color pigments that they offer as of right now. If anyone wants to get a set of pigments that will last a very long time at a pretty good price, you should check them out here.


  1. this is pigment powder, similar to mineral makeup, right?

  2. Are these the same quality as MiG pigments, or do they need to be handled differently?

  3. 60g seems kind of unnecessarily large. The pigments I use are in 7g pots. So far I've used them on a Valkyrie, 3 chimeras and 4 Leman Russ, and you can barely tell I've used them.

    If you want pigments but want to spend a whole hell of a lot less head over to Secret Weapon Miniatures. $4.50 a pot and $3 shipping means for the same money you'd get more colors.

  4. 60G! Thats perfect for a terrain project. I could do an entire garage worth for cheap with just two or 3.