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[Lantz's Corner] Pig Iron Productions Review

She Wouldn't Be Taunting This Thing If It Had An Autocannon

Just like my MaxMini review, this review is for a model company that is very well known. Very few conversionists that I've spoken to over the years haven't ordered from Pig Iron at one point or another. Their line of conversion bits, specifically heads, look fantastic. For this review, however, something else caught my eye. Their line of Wardroids left me speechless the first time I was digging for models for the Robot Maniple in my AdMech fandex. I wanted a model Terminator-esque in size and these looked to fit the bill. So what came of my experience? More after the break.

First of all, shipping time was average. Pig Iron is based in the UK and for those of us that have shopped the UK from the US; we've grown to understand that shipping times are much more drawn out over there. But all-in-all, not a long wait.

The bits for these guys are well-constructed. Very tough, even for metal models. This makes clipping a bit of a chore, but in the end you'll be happy for the extra endurance. There's also very little clipping to be done for flash cleanup. It amazes me how almost every offshoot model company out there manages to keep their models clean of excess pewter, but GW is incapable of achieving this simple task with all of the extra money they get from us.

As with most non-GW miniatures from independent companies, these models were not supplied with a base, but that's not much of an issue for most hobbyists.

The Wardroids come in three different poses, but this is mostly just their legs changing. There are two different poses for walking and one standing pose:

As you can see, the model is very well crafted. Details on most of the model are superb, though the heads do leave a little to be desired. Fortunately, Pig Iron is a front-runner for head bits, so if you're not happy with the originals they have many options to choose from:

I left the gun-arm off on this one, as I have other plans in store for it, but these pictures should give you a good idea of what the model is like:

The only downside I could find in this batch was there were a few "dents" in the models (actually only one on each,) though I could put the blame on the postal service for this one. Two of them are hardly noticeable, but the one (crappily) pictured below on the jaw of this guy's head is kind of an eyesore. I'll be filling this in with GS:

Fine detail
Very strong
Not much cleanup

A few dents upon delivery
Heads on the Wardroids leave a little to be desired

Overall I can't complain. Ordering online can sometimes surprise you in a not-so-delightful way; not getting what you thought you would. With this purchase, however, I got exactly what I wanted. The models are beautifully detailed and while options are minimal, they do come with two ranged weapon options and there's always the upgrade kit available. Other than a few dents, which may or may not put Pig Iron at fault, this transaction has been a great one. I would suggest Pig Iron to anyone out there looking for  unofficial miniatures that are out there, specifically heads.

Questions? Comments? Cursing? Post it!

~Lantz aka Sinaura

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