Friday, June 17, 2011

MWC's Miniature Conversion Contest

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After much discussion within the darkly lit halls of the MWC's writing team's headquarters we're pleased to announce a new contest. Pay It Forward you say? Not this time around, now that I'm a writer here, MWC's going to make you earn your prizes, ladies and gents. So it's time to get those exacto-knives sharpened, that green stuff squishy and get those Dremels spinning. MWC is starting a conversion contest; the rules you ask? We don't play by the rules here at MWC! Except for, ya know... the rules below:

Miniature Conversion Contest Guidelines
  1. By entering, you agree to our rules for the contest.
  2. Entrants may enter as often as they like, but each entry must be submitted individually.
  3. Entries must be submitted electronically via email (Miniaturewargameco AT gmail DOT com).
  4. Entries must include the entrant's online name and real name on each email entry. (MWC will not publish your real name, but will need it to keep track of your entry.)
  5. Entries must include details of the conversion (such as which parts and what models used, any green-stuffing, etc) in the body of the email entry.
  6. Models entered must be submitted via .jpg format of unpainted models. The only exception is a picture with the MWC logo, which may be painted.
  7. Entry photos must include at least one, if not all, pictures of the presented model alongside the MWC logo as a confirmation of authenticity.
  8. Entrants may not win more than once within a twelve month time period.
  9. MWC is not responsible for lost, misdirected, undeliverable or otherwise unreceived entries.
  10. Winners will be determined via a poll that all visitors can vote on. Precautions have been put in place to avoid bot-entering the poll. This is meant to be a fair and balanced voting process and any findings that someone is violating this attempt; that person(s) will be exempt from any future contests including but not restricted to the Miniature Conversion Contest.
  11. In the event of a tie, the MWC team will collaborate with an internal vote to decide the winner(s).
  12. Winners shall be notified by email and via posts on the MWC blog. Winners shall be given seven days to respond to receive their prize(s). Failure to respond in the allotted time shall render any winner invalid for the prize(s) for that month's contest.
  13. Prize support is typically provided by outside sources and by entering you agree that the prizes are awesome.
Any of these rules and regulations may be changed at any time by the MWC Team. Participation may vary, no purchase necessary, may cause irritable bowels and runny nose.

Good night. And good luck.


  1. Shoul rule 9 say 20th instead of last day?

  2. Are there different scale categories?

    For example tanks and mcs in one group infantry in another entire squads in a third. That way everyone is competing against like models instead of anything.

  3. It should, thanks for the catch. It's been corrected.

  4. innnnnnteresting.... but why 40k only?

  5. @Dave - 40k is this months theme. Next month will be WFB and then possibly necromunda/gorkamorka.

    @Stillfrosty - Thats a good idea, the team shall discuss!

  6. Does it have to be a new conversion or will an old one be ok?

  7. OOo how fun! I have to make my darling participate! :P

  8. Are there any plans to do themes around other manufacturers of minis, perhaps to promote the other options available?

  9. Interesting! Alas the conversion that I just kicked off was built and primered sans camera (had to do the work elsewhere than I usually do), but perhaps this is just what the doctor ordered to actually start building my Ad-Mech Ordinatus Minoris!

  10. The more we go along, the more I think we should combine our efforts ;D

    I have something for the WFB I think could do well. I like the monthly contest. It's for sure a good plan!

    -Arch, GoM

  11. I'm curious, I have a WIP conversion I'd like to submit, it WAS painted before I decided to rebuild it so it's partially painted. It's an ironclad dread that I built a long time ago & rebuilt to look more like the character I want entombed in the dread. Would this be acceptable?