Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unexpected LiveStrong Addition | Wolves for the Wolf God

As those of you who follow his blog (as you all should) will know that Skarvald over at held a prize giveaway recently for a Renegade Militia set from Forgeworld. And by some unfathomable fluke, the MWC team received the prize!

So, before we go any further, the entire MWC team would like to give a big, hearty thank you to Skarvald from Wolves for the Wolf God, and a pint of the best Fenrisian ale we could find!

And now of course, the question arises of what we should do with this fine set of Renegade Militia we have. We debated, and before long, we decided to do what was best, and donate it to the LiveStrong Project.

Of course, we all felt that only the best would do for this noteworthy cause. Therefore, these Renegade Militia will be based on Secret Weapon Miniature bases, provided by Mr Justin, from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Lantz will supply any Cadian parts needed for the Militia, and finally our very own Matt will convert like he's never converted before to make these guys as AWESOME as they can be!

Then these marvelous little models will be put up for sale to raise what money we can for the Livestrong Wargaming Project using the eBay Giving Works Project, donating all the proceeds to LiveStrong!

We are VERY much open to color scheme and even how converted they should be, so let those comments roll!

And since we are on the topic of LiveStrong: Go take a peak and help support the fight against cancer!


  1. Can't argue with a pint of Ale =p
    Congrats with the win.
    I look forward to see what you guys do with the bits.

  2. Let Gifts of Mork know if we can do anything to help!

  3. Good stuff!

    I've been very slack lately and need to get to work on finishing that Daemon Prince I have set aside to donate!

    Painting skin scares me though, haha..

    Any chance you guys could add shipping to Australia? At the moment the Knight will only ship to the US and I'm keen to buy one still.

  4. @red - Hmmm how do I get it to set to be worldwide?? I cant for the life of me figure it out.

    @Jason - Same thing bid, let us know anything we can do to help GoM. Another shoutout perhaps?

  5. Hmm that might help. Been a bit slow. I've gotten about 12 people tell me they are submitting an entry to my competition, but as far as the donation and charity side...I can't get anything really started. Was hoping this comp would generate a lot of interest and such. Holding strong at 126 people, but always wanting more!

    I have gotten some great offers for donations and stuff...just have to get a bit more set up before we can really get going!

  6. Thanks for yet another awesome shout out! And the ale is much appreciated. Hopefully I'll see you guys next Adepticon for some real drinkage!

  7. Oh, there is most certainly plans for the MWC to attack, no, i mean, visit Adepticon! So do plan to down many an ale with us!

  8. Just a note, I won't be able to get to Adepticon. :( That's the problem with being this side of the Atlantic.