Monday, August 1, 2011

August's Conversion Contest!

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So our first contest has come and gone (we'll have the winners announced very soon,) and while smooth isn't the word I'd use to describe it, the MWC team has learned a lot and hopefully most of the kinks will be worked out for August's contest. Speaking of which, here's this month's rules! And as always check this post for the rules that cover every month's contest.

  • Models entered must be visibly understood to be from 40K universe and identifiable as the character they're representing. Add-ons, bits, pieces and accessories from other lines/worlds will be permitted provided ~70% or more of model is of the 40K world. (This percentage, if necessary, will be decided upon entry by the MWC team.)
  • Models entered must be unpainted so that the conversion work can clearly be seen. Remember, at least one picture must be taken with the MWC page in the background so that we know its a current conversion. Yes, its ok if you started the conversion before today, as long as its not painted. 
  • Models entered must be either a Tank, Transport or Skimmer as described in the Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook.
  • Models entered will not be included in the contest if they are a Super-Heavy and/or Walker.
  • Click here for additional rules that cover every month's contest.

The contest begins...well, now! And ends at 11:59PM (US)CST on the 20th of this month. Good luck to all you converters out there!


  1. I know you said no walkers but does that include a defiler per say? It is way bigger than any other walker and is more inline with being a tank. Jus thought I would ask.

  2. @HOTpanda - Defilers and other walkers as well as super heavies will be saved for future contests as this will be a monthly thing.