Friday, February 4, 2011

Holy smokes BATMAN.. GW Virtual Gift Card in the Raffle

Hey Folks,

Today I called up a friend that works at a local GW store to see how things were going. After a bit of talking and gabbing away like little girls about the new releases coming out and about my blog here, He decided to do me a solid. Awhile back, actually almost 2 years ago when he first started working there I bought a guard Battleforce that I totally didn't need. He asked if he could buy it from me since I had opened it and couldn't return it. At the time I didn't need the cash so he said he would spot me later.

Well later is now and after hearing about the raffles I've been doing to try and give back to the community, he wanted to get involved.

So.. the Raffle now has one more item. This will be the last item up for this months raffle but its a neat one. Hes offering a GW Virtual Gift card that will be emailed directly to the winner, allowing them to go straight to GW and buy whatever they want.

It will be for 75 dollars.

Those that aren't familiar with the virtual gift cards, here is the info from GW

Games Workshop Virtual Gift Vouchers

If you want to buy someone a gift but are not sure what to buy or need a gift in a hurry, then our Virtual Gift Vouchers are the perfect solution: allowing the recipient to choose their own gifts from our complete range of products. Once you have purchased a Virtual Gift Voucher it will be instantly delivered, via email, ready for immediate use. You can send multiple vouchers to a single recipient, simply order each separately, entering your chosen recipient's email address.

Games Workshop Virtual Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed online.

  • Customizable with a personal message
  • Sent immediately via e-mail
  • Can be used straight away by the recipient
Or a direct link to the GW site here:

So in total now there will be 3 more winners (those that won last month aren't entered into this months raffle). The 3 winners will each pick between:

A new in box, un opened Stormraven
A 5 man set of Mark V Heresy Armor WITH 5 Umbra Bolters to go with them, also from FW.
A $75.00 US Virtual GW gift card.

As before on the day the raffle ends, the 14th of February, I will contact the winners asking them to send me a list of which items they want in priority. 3 winners in total for the 3 items. As before the winners will be picked from my followers as a way to give back to them.

Now, back to painting some Sons of Horus for me.


  1. wow, you've got to be stoked! how exciting!!!!!

  2. Yea it was a pretty nice gesture for him to do it. Im just happy I can give back for all the support ive gotten during this really hard time in my life.

    BTW I like your blog as well ;)

  3. Blogger ate my comment again. Happened on Loq's blog too. Errgh...

  4. That happened to me earlier. Hehe What was your original comment? ;)

  5. Im just glad I can offer something back to the community that has helped me during such a rough time in my life. Im glad I can make fellow gamers happy!

    C'nor (Outermost_Toe) you should join up and become a follower so you can get entered into the raffle!

  6. That's what my comment was, actually. I was also saying that I didn't know what the stuff would do for me, as I don't play anything by GW, but, you know, at least it'll look good.

  7. C'nor, if you dont play GW you could always trade it for what you do play ;)

  8. dang it.. I just had my own comment eaten.

    anyways, it's increibly great.