Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sons of Horus Sanguinary Priests ready for basing

Finished the lamp and the vials on the 1st Priest and finished the 2nd with jump pack though he needs writing on his impurity seals.

They will indeed be based like the Land Speeder and Dreadnought.


  1. Love the green-metal color. Where does that arm on the helmetless dude come from?

  2. Thanks :)

    Its from Doomrider, an OOP chaos demon biker. It was a pretty crazy model that people ever loved it or hated it.

  3. Actually, he's still in production, even if he's ruleless at the moment:

    But, I meant the other dude, the bionic apothecary arm.

  4. Oh wow your right! Nice! Ah the other arm is actually a servitor CC arm.

  5. Looking neat. I like the use of the possessed torso.