Thursday, August 11, 2011

[The Rogue Trader] Outwitting the paint pots.

Well probably the shortest post ever, but I was so happy with myself I thought it was worth sharing.  You know how the new GW pots have lost the little tab to keep the lids open so they are always closing on you and making it hard to paint.  You know the little tubes the protect the bristles on your brushes.  Unite the two and problem solved.  If its one of the tubes from a smaller brush it also keeps the tongue of the lid perfectly over the body of the paint pot.

Hopefully I've saved some people some frustration.  And if everyone else had figures this out already how come nobody told me.  :)

Now back to painting my Grey Knights.  Stupid NMM painting choice.



  1. Clever!

    I really hate that update to the pot design. I've been holding it open by tucking the lid underneath a little jar of pills. This works fine... until it's not and the bottle tips over and spills over the dang place. Grr.

  2. I ripped the lid off cause it made me so frustrated >:(
    your method seems more constructive though

  3. The tab was probally removed to stop the painters from painting their models straight from the pot. Yes its handy to do that but over time the paint loses moisture and the texture changes and then your just left with rubbish paint or a pot that has gone solid.
    Using a palette stops this and probally saves you some money as well, a certain company or companies wont tell you this as in the end once your paint set solid or rubbish you will go out and buy some more = more profit for them. When I was younger it always use to happen to me, since I started using a palette I've not had the problem.
    Hope my comment helps.

  4. Lol, this is a very good Idea!! :D

    I will stole it!

  5. Fantastic!

    But isn't that an older pot in the picture?

  6. I am just glad to hear that somebody else besides myself paints straight from the pot with some paints.
    The other issue I have beside the ED of the lids, is the spillage that seems to constantly come out from the pack of the pots every time they are opened. That doesn't happen so much on standard colors, but there is some flaw in the foundation paint cap that makes them flood out the back and get all over your hands if you aren't paying attention.

  7. the big problem that i have on this pots, are that the colore drips under the tung and when i close the damn lid. the colore is press on the back side. and i get paint all over my fingers and some times on the model that im working on.

  8. I cannot stand the new pots either, even when they had the little tab. Dunno, they seem smaller, harder to store/stack. That being said, I try and use a wet pallet whenever I can, so it kind of makes the problem moot. Neat trick though

  9. Sorry but "to stop painters to paint from the pot" isn't that up to you to decide what you prefer?
    I think a label actually saying "don't keep the lid open the paint dries up" would be way more efficient in that case and save them a lot of trouble with unhappy customers.
    And I also have the trouble with the paint getting all over the pot and clogging up in the lid - tons of spilage.

    I only paint from the pot when I'm using metallics, and unfortunately, some of the ones I use are Citadel.
    Apart from that I switched to P3 paints ;) cheaper, MUCH BETTER pots with proper lids (and more paint in them) plus they got better coverage imho.

  10. I cannot stand neither the old, nor the new pots, thats why I changed all my paints to Plysu paint pots! HELL YEAAAAAH!!! [insert fuck yeah meme image here]

  11. Damn you for such a simple solution, you saved the day!

  12. Ha! There answer was in front of us the whole time! Thanks for sharing!

  13. i don't paint from the pot, i always paint on a wet palette. I find that is the best way for me. my main problem whit this pot is when im air brushing to one hand open, and pick out the paint is a pain in the butt.

  14. @Speedfreak. Actually, they must have had a transition period or something. This was a recently purchased pot and I thought it was the older style, but it is missing the tab.

    And as a few have pointed out, its generally better practice to use a palette. Thing is, sometimes straight from the pot is quicker and easier so we want to have options.

  15. cool idea :)

    i have almost finished a army of NMM GK a word of advice from me to you:


    but seriously i cant wait to see it, theres not enough NMM GK armies out there (i think there might be about 3 :L)

    oh and how are you going to do the tanks?