Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Thoughts of A Herb] Heroes of Armageddon Finale!

So, as you know, the Heroes of Armageddon project ended a few days ago (quite a few days ago... 24th, to be exact) and yours truly decided to go into the live chat and see what was what.

The draw started at 11pm my time (BST) and went on for about 45 minutes. The project raised a fantastic amount for the Doctors Without Borders fund. How much? Well, thirty-one thousand and fifty-seven dollars. I'll say it again...


Which is a fantastic achievement!

They drew on the basis that you got as many chances as however many dollars you donated. Donate $20, you got another 20 chances to your name.

So, Jawa used a random number generator to pull the numbers, and Santa Cruz Warhammer's John went through his extensive list to find out who the lucky people were!

While he was doing that, Jawa decided to offer up the trivia questions to the people in live chat (about 70 or so people) to win some prizes. First one was who painted the four leaders of the four armies. I got one, I think, but then someone went and got all four. Lucky him, he won a T-shirt!

The next question was which Ork warlord fought Belial on Piscina. And, astoundingly, I won that one! So, I won myself a T-shirt. Whoo!

The last question was for a pro-painted Dante, and the question was 'What rule from the old codex made Mephiston stop and drink his enemies blood?' That proved a real poser! One problem was that Jawa mentioned this rule was apparently from second edition, when it was actually from third! Oh, Jawa jawa jawa...

Anyway, in between these pleasantries, the winners of the big armies were announced. Amazing, three out of the four were in the live chat! What are the odds of that?

Steel Legion - Colby Anger of Houston, Texas.

Blood Angels - Peter Dean of Oakland, California (only one not in chat!)

Ghazghkull's Horde - Jason Mace of Fort Knox, Kentucky (This is how excited he is)

Wazzdakka's Speed Freeks - Andrew Lewis of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Well, all I'll say is, a huge congrats to those who won the armies, but (and I'm sure the rest of the MWC gang agree with me here) the real winners are Doctors Without Borders, who got a whole lotta cash to work all sorts of everyday miracles where they're desperately needed.

Peace out!


  1. Haha, man, I was so stoked when John said my name. I'm getting set up at mynew place Friday, so I should have pics of the army up on Saturday after 'Ard Boyz. I'll be playing them at the tourney, so it should be nice to show off the new army!

  2. Great cause and just simply beautiful armies!

  3. Well done guy's I'm really proud of you. I have been keeping track through various blog's and was really impressed with what was being done.

    The Mephiston rule was actually written between 2nd and the 3rd edition and was published in a White Dwarf many many years ago. But who care's you all had fun which is the main thing.