Saturday, August 6, 2011

Celebrating 250+ Posts

In the beginning, there was only Matt. He had been through some tough times and needed a distraction. He loves models and conversions, so he decided to share his talents with the blogging world. He had "friends in low places" and the word got out about his talented work pretty quickly.

Next, he set out on the "Pay It Forward" mission- and his blog, traffic, and followers exploded.

With "Pay It Forward", Matt's blog became worse than one of those viral videos- everyone was talking about it and no one seemed to know where it came from.

As his popularity and "internet fame" grew, Matt decided he needed help and decided to add writers to his team.

One of those writers pulled all the juicy details out of Matt via an interview- and here it is!

Thank you for agreeing to this interview. I fully intend to write a ridiculous article, and have a little fun with you =) I hope you don't mind.

-Have all the fun you can! I love your sense of humor!

What made you think of making a team?

-Well, when I started MWC it was mainly going to just be a place to show my own conversions and models to get inspiration and to take my mind off the recent hard times I've gone through. Once started it quickly seemed logical to include a team of like minded individuals that also bring various things to the blog that I don't. Together, the team can cover a much wider audience and topic base. This way, its a blog the miniature wargaming community can all find something enjoyable in it.

What happened- did you contact folks first, or did someone hit you up?

-I was indeed contacted by a few good folks telling me I should put a shoutout out there to let people know MWC is looking for writers. Sure enough, right after posting asking for a team to be put together, Team Awesome was born!

What considerations did you have when you approached someone for your team?

- The first thing I would look for is what can they bring that the rest of the team can't. Such as a hobby interest that the others don't have, or a skill no one has. That way, each team member has a set of skills and interests that when combined with the entire team, means we cover it all! (and soon will be filling any gaps in things such as FoW and other games.)

Did you have anyone say "no thanks"?

- Hehe, many times. Not because of lack of writing skill or talent but mostly because the skills would cross over into another writer's area. To many people on the team would make things hard to keep organized. I think the team we have now is AMAZING!

What is your favorite part of working with the team?

- hanging out with my friends! Not to mention you guys and gal always keep me on my toes and open to ideas I would have never considered!

What part do you like least?

- Actually, there isn't anything I dint like about it. Team Awesome rules!

What plans do you have for MWC in the future?

- Big plans actually! We are going to be getting back to our roots so to speak and focus heavily on conversions and things that the average gamer can do. Posts such as Cheap Knights are a peek into the future. We also plan to be running a monthly modeling/conversion contest with each month having a new topic.
There are also plans to well-- actually, its a secret! You ll just have to wait and see!

What else do you want to say?

- Dear Brent, Dethtron and Lauby, MWC wouldn't be where it is without you guys, not to mention, Brent, MWC wants to have your child. Yes, that's right, a child between a human being (?) and a blog. And not just any blog, but MWC, which I like to think of the bastard child of HoP anyways ;P

Somehow Matt has managed world domination through awesome conversions...

"And with the information and photos safely hidden, the CEO knew they had no option. Majority ownership of GW was handed to the writers of MWC who then ensured decent codices and fair pricing. And the rest as they say, is history."


  1. Nice one! Great interview and a cool insight!

  2. You're doing an amazing job MWC. It's nice to see MWC has turned into what it has from the early days of linking. It's great to see the blog continues to grow steadily despite you not gibing away the volumes of free stuff you were early on. It's a great credit to the blog and the writers.

  3. Ah, you fine folks know how to make my day!

    Keep up the fine work. :)