Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final Prize Addition to the April 7th Drawing

Hey Folks,

A long time friend has decided to donate an amazing assortment of bitz.

In total there are 5 small tackle boxs full of stuff. Bitz range from every army in both warhammer and 40k, to alot of the new plastic warmachine things. All in all, this is now by far my fav item up for give away.

Right now, im just waiting on a picture of the stuff from him so I can post it. Check back tonight to see the goodies sitting on his table, waiting to be shipped direct to the winner that claims it.


  1. Bitz! Bitz! Bitz! Bitz! Bitz! Bitz! Bitz! Bitz! BITZ!!!!!!

  2. Holy cow. My wife would kill me if I brought home five tackle boxes worth of bits. Still... Could be worth it... *laugh*

  3. Man, oh, man, this raffle is one of the greatest things to happen to this community. I haven't won yet, but regardless - it's making our fellow gamers all the better!

  4. Wooooo! I love me some bits!

  5. YES! BITS! As a newish player I am seriously lacking in that department... 5 tackle boxes... that like a dream come true!