Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Give Away Ends at 12 Noon Central Time Monday - PLUS INFO ON THE APRIL GIVE AWAY

Hey Folks,

Im sure not all of you got the newsletter sent out so Ill go over the relevant parts here. 

This months drawing is going to have to work a little bit different due to the very high number of people using thier real names and not alias's. What Im going to do is daw the winners at noon like I have with the past 2 give aways. I put each name down in a bowl and (which has taken forever to write all 900+ names) and then pick the 15 winners at random. I will then contat all 15 people via email/messaging here (some have emails listed, others of you dont so I have to send a "friend message" from here). I will then list the winners themselves here on the blog as the replies come in. Ill list first name and last intial as well as the prize that each winner wants/gets. Anyone that doesn't reply back in a timely manner will stay in the drawing for next month and a new winner will be selected to replace them. I'm also asking that people be ready to post a priority list of the items they want starting from the most wanted down to the least wanted. If there is something you don't like, feel free to pay it forward either back into the give away for another winner a chance or give it to your friend(s) that may need it and can make use of it.

For the people that dont win this month, fear not! A new give away has already started and prizes for it are already being donated. So far another webstore has offered a 100 dollar gift certificate, 2 past golden demon winners have offerd to paint a squad of the winners choices and the models will be supplied by my local Hobbytown USA. (Thanks Jeff!) Another cool prize being offered up is one of the older mega paint sets. Its never been opened as the follower that bought it said he got it off ebay thinking it as the new style paint pots but its the older screw lids. I know some people hate those lids but it does have alot of colors that GW no longer makes.

The coolest prize for the april give away so far is some of the new Orcs and Goblins that are about to be released. The webstore offering them up has given me the choice to give it all to a single winner or break it up into smaller prizes for 3-4 people, each getting a box. Ill see how it goes in the next few days as details are fleshed out.

Comments on it and the rest of the blog are ALWAYS welcome. 

The Pay It Forward idea has been spreading as well. So lets keep it going full force and give back as much as we all can to the community at large. Ive also had alot of questions on if people that donate can pick the winner. The answer is yes but must be done with a auto number generating program to insure that everyone has a fair chance. Anyone donating has the option to ship themselves to the winner as well as pick it. This month a number of stores are offering winners choice so they themselves will be shipping to the winners.

So to sum up, spread the word people. It will only make next months give away even better. And with some items that will BLOW YOU AWAY! Yes, they are that awesome. I wish everyone the best luck in winning and for those that don't win this month, your automatically entered into next months which has some great prizes already coming together. 

- Miniature Wargame Conversions


  1. As requested, here's some stuff I think would make good gifts.

    Small Dremel drill kits, such as the Dremel 7.2v.

    Hrist Arts molds and easy to use resin to fill them with.

    Army Transport cases in various sizes.

    Custom Bases, also in various sizes.

    Terrain kits, like the Imperial Bastian or something.

  2. Hi, MWC! I'm InsomniaZZZZ from the chatbox on 3++. You wanted some ideas for fun stuff for upcoming raffles, so here ya go:

    Molds from Hirst Arts, it's like making your own Lego bricks, awesome stuff.

    More terrain stuff:

    Actually, any 40k terrain is good, and I really like this WFB piece.

    Some non-40k stuff would be cool too. Maybe a rulebook so someone could get into a game and still pick the faction they like.

    Hope these are good!

  3. As always sounds awesome. GL all.

  4. I third the mold idea.

    How about some counters / templates / measuring tools?

    Terrain is also something that I think most folks would love. I second/third that idea as well.

    DICE!!! Who can't get enough dice? Maybe custom dice?

    Books! Most of us can read, some of us enjoy books.

    Clothing / Accessories; T-shirts are always good swag. Especially for adverts. But caps, socks, headbands, arm warmers, etc are all fairly printable now. No link, just idea. ;)

    The Magnet Queen demands magnets. I'm pretty sure that we can all use these; (and if you can't, send them to me)

  5. A box with one of each type of dreadnought.

  6. i know its not a suggestion but i am amazed by this site, the generosity of the suppliers and the amazingness that is the comunity boggles my mind, i dont care if i win so much as there are people out there unable to buy the amazing products but i am in full support of this site. keep it up guys and if i could i would help aswell, im a student so funds are tricky lol, but if i can help by spreading the word i will!

  7. Sorry mate,

    Could only put it here ...



  8. woah so thats what 14+ prizes now!

    you are one cool bloggery-dude!

    and another give away in april o_o


  9. Hmm... How about an armybuilder kit/sub/whatever the heck it comes in. Seems like a useful tool, though I've never used it.

    As mentioned last night, custom bits and such are always useful for bumping up your custom model count. Ebay sellers may or may not be the way to go, though.

    Black Reach and/or Island of Blood, or other similar starter kits for other games, would be a cool idea, too. I'm sure we all have run into people who are interested, but don't really have the toehold in yet to get them to really get interested. Or perhaps you have been wanting to try a new game/system, but don't want to abandon the work you've put into your current game.