Monday, March 7, 2011

Winners for the March Give Away and Info for Aprils Give Away Announced

**EDIT** added the prizes for some of the people that hadnt picked yet .

Hey Folks!!

(The picture should say "And the Winners are..." But hey, its got a pretty lady to look at.)

So today at 12 noon I contacted the winners of the March Give Away. I have been waiting for replies back on what each winner wants to list it here. So far I've gotten back 6 replies out of the 15.

So far:
  • Shawn M. - Fantasy Army (going with 2 Empire battalion box sets)
  • Greg T. -  Space Marine Battle Force
  • David L. - Sabol Case
  • Nick (no last name given) - Blood Angel Battleforce
  • James D. - Shadowsword (he really just wants to make the Stormlord)
  • Jason (no last name given) - FW Mega Dread
 I'm still waiting back to hear from the following people to tell me what they want:
(So far whats left prize wise is the BL signed books, Bjron the fell handed, High Elf stuff, and the OOP pewter Khador starter set and the KR case as well as the 2 50% off Coupons for ANY product at Galaxy Gobbo from a blister to an entire army.
  • Jason T (yes, another Jason) - KR Case
  • Turel
  • Colonel Shofer
  • Yoshiboi
  • Preston - Brjon the Fellhanded
  • Tordeck - High Elf Character and possible extras
  • Das Reich
  • Fluger - Khador OOP Starter Set
  • N++
 So if your a winner and haven't replied yet, please do soon. If I don't get a reply of what you want in the next 48 hours Ill draw a new name to replace yours. You will stay in future drawings though.


Now April Give Away info:

The give away for April will end in exactly 1 month on April 7th at noon Central US time just like today. I do ask that new people joining use more aliases and less real names as it gets rather confusing when for example, there are 15 Davids.

So far the prize list itself is being put together but already includes:

  • $100 Gift Certificate/Credit Coupon for any GW product
  • GW Mega Paint set - The older one with the screw lids but never opened.
  • My Local Hobbytown USA has offered up 4 of the new Orc and Goblin boxs as they get released this month. I will spread it out to 4 winners. (Thanks Jeff!)
  • 2 Past Golden Demon Winners have offered to paint a squad each at the winners choice. The squad picked will be supplied by Galaxy Gobbo.
  • Full set of GF9 Templates
  • 2 Sets of Custom Dice from Chessix . Designed by the winner.

Im also working on getting modeling tools and the like together as more prizes such as:

Dremel Accessorys
Paint Brush Sets
Green Stuff modeling Putty
Custom Bases (Ill be contacting all the Custom Base designers and seeing if any want to donate some sets)
Plus some CoD Terrain sets along with 1 or 2 Pegasus Terrain sets.
Magnents from KJ magnents. All sizes.

I also am in talks with someone that makes modular gaming tables to possibly make a 4x4 City Fight Table, all modular with 1x1 foot boards.

Ill have an exact list of the April prizes up this evening as I hear back from more people about donating. Plus, the last 2 give aways winners and followers alike have donated to future give aways so I have no doubt that will happen again. So ill get those listed up as soon as I know.

I want to thank everyone for taking part, and wish everyone that hasn't yet won, the best luck for the April Drawing. Be sure to keep spreading the word as the more interest that is shown the better the donations have become for you guys (and gals)!

Most importantly I want to thank EVERYONE that has taken part in commenting and leaving ideas for Aprils give away and what prizes people will need/want. Keep up the comments as the donators do read what everyone has to say!


  1. Congrats to the winners!

    Hopefully I'll get a chance next time!

    Let me know and I'll keep Pimping it on

  2. Congratulations to all the fifteen people who won, already looking forward to April as the prizes sound great.

    Two things though I need to ask about next month's prizes. Firstly does that coupon work at Forge World?

    And secondly with the Golden Daemon Winner painters would say, three Yhetees or a unit of Imperial Guard Rough Riders, you know, units where you buy the models individually, be supplied?

    Anyway, Congratulations again to Shawn M, Greg T, David L, Nick, James D, Jason, Jason T, Turel, Colonel Shofer, Yoshiboi, Preston, Tordeck, Das Reich, Nathan Fluger and N++

  3. @Lord Shaper - Thanks mate! I should have the exact list of prizes up tonight and im sure it will grow a bit over the next week or so as I get into contact with more donators and if other followers wish to donate like the last 2 give aways.

    @johngray20 - It counts towards any unit as per stated by the rules. That said, a unit of up to 10 models seems to be what they are bother refering to but Ill email them and ask for exact specifics. As for some yhetis or rough riders, both of those are perfectly ok id think. The models will be supplied by the Gobbo.

    I do want to thank you both for being very supportive of the winners! Shows great sportsmanship that I wish everyone had!

  4. Grats guys!

    Fingers and toes crossed for next time everyone else!

    Prizes are looking just as awesome for this month already.

    Amazing work again to the team behind this and cheers!

  5. Gratz all you winners! Another impressive lineup of prizes to look forward to next month by the sound of it, thanks MWC!

  6. Shit man, i never got any notification and the stuff i really wanted is gone.

    I guess i'll go with the whats available from the

    KR case
    Khador Set
    HE stuff

    anything else just pay it forward.

  7. I'll like the 2 Past Golden Demon Winners have offered to paint a squad each at the winners choice. The squad picked will be supplied by Galaxy Gobbo option. How do I get in contact?

  8. @Tordeck - Emailed you again, no idea why you didnt get the first one. But to make up for it, I offered you a nice little extra deal.

    @Das Reich - Those prizes are for april, you can pick from this months prizes, i.e the BL books and the other stuff thats left. If you want to pass on this months give away, you can stay entered for next months and ill pay forward your prize option this month to someone else. Your call.

    @Aaron and @Crosser Modelling - Great sportsmanship guys! I totally have my fingers crossed for you guys next month!

  9. The I'll go with the books pal :D Chaos related stuff will be fine hehehe. Thanks pal.

  10. Congrats to all the winners, and kudos to those who donated! This is fantastic, love to see stuff like this, i'm thinking about getting something like this going on a local level. Good work, keep it up!

  11. @Miniature Wargame Conversions: I'm having trouble sending you an email. So I'm replying to you via comments until I can send you my contact information.

    As for my pick, I could really use either the KR case or bjron the fell handed (gonna convert that sucker into a nurgle follower!). Let me know if one of them are still availible. Thanks again!

  12. @Yoshiboi - Sadly both have already been claimed. All thats left is 50% off coupons and a few of the BL books. You can either pick one of the things left, or you can pass on it to stay entered into next months give away. Its up to you.

    Also, post your email here as You dont have it in your profile.

  13. I truly appreciate what you're doing here at MWC man! Huge congratulations to those who won this month. Enjoy those awesome prizes!!!

  14. Hi bud,

    Looks we had some comms problems :(

    Could you let me know what books are remaining please?

    Cheers and TY.


  15. Some day I shall win, and then I will get to go live on the Island!

    Or get a shiney new blister.


  16. Congratz to the winners!!!

    I'm looking forward to April; KJ Magnets as a prize? The Magnet Pro is pleased...

  17. Oh i won :))

    What is left prize wise?

  18. Good luck to everyone for the April draw.

    what lovely shiny prizes will there be? :)

  19. Congrats to the winners!

    Hete's hoping for winning this months one!

  20. Congrats to all...*sniff* (puts on Abba's The Winner Takes It All and goes sits in a dark corner). ;)

    Seriously though well done again MWC, awesome prizes, looking forward to Aprils draw.

  21. Sweet! I'd been having a crappy day so this perks me up! Thanks!

    I didn't get an email, and can't seem to find it in a spam filter - what's your addy / try again? Should be

  22. Did I just mis-post? Maybe.. Anyways, Awesome! Thanks! I'd been having a crappy day, so this perks me up!

    Didn't get an email, but to pick, I'd say in order: Books, Khador or Case, Coupons.

    There's an email link on my blog. While you're at it, sign up for the Network ;)

  23. Sadly?!?! Never my friend, all the prizes are worthy!! Signed BL books...drooool. I'll definitely go for one of them if there are still left over. I am a follower of Chaos after all! If not, my second pick will be the 50% coupon. My e-mail is:

    Thanks again!

  24. @Dave G @Yoshi - Emails sent.

    @Everyone else - Apirls drawing is going to rock. Plain and simple. The prize list has already grown and will be posted in the morning.