Tuesday, March 8, 2011

April Pay It Forward Give Away Prizes So Far - More to come in the next few days.

Ok Folks, 

I've gotten together a confirmed list of prizes for the April give away. The winners will be drawn on April 7th, again at 12 noon Central US time. Anyone that hasn't won in the past give aways is still eligible for the April one. I will have more prize conformations in the next few days as I wait for emails to be returned from various people, webstores and companies. 
  •     $100 Gift Certificate/Credit Coupon for any GW product Online
  •      GW Mega Paint set - The older one with the screw lids but never opened. Donated by a follower, Alcarmeshi.
My Local Hobbytown USA has offered up 4 of the new Orc and Goblin boxs as they get released this month. I will spread it out to 4 winners. (Thanks Jeff!)
  •     Savage Orcs Box set

  •     Wurrzag Special Character

  •     River Trolls Box Set

  •     Orc and Goblin Arachnarok Box Set (SUPER FREAKING COOL)

  •     2 Past Golden Demon Winners have offered to paint a squad each at the winners choice. The squad picked will be supplied by www.GalaxyGobbo.com
  •      Full set of GF9 Templates
  •      2 Sets of Custom Dice from Chessix . Designed by the winner.
  •   2 Tubes of Green Stuff Epoxy Putty
  •      $50 dollar US gift coupon to Dragonforge Bases. Can be used for any products Jeff sells on his       webstore. He has some amazing sets to deck out that army you've been working on. (there just might also be a new base set in the works by yours truly for the Dragonforge store!)
  • CoD Set - The Fortress of Redemption (opened but still on sprue) donated kindly by Preston, the winner of Bjorn the Fellhanded during this months give away. 

So that's the current prizes for the April give away that have all been confirmed. More info will be forth coming including possible prizes as dremel tool sets, Paint Brush's, Pin Vices, modeling saws, Plastic card and many other modeling type items. 

There is also a very secret and special group of Items that are about to be released that I know people have been waiting for. Ill give you folks a hit, "GK's."

So check back often as this list will be updated often. 
Anyone that has any ideas for other prizes that youd like me to try and get for the give away, lt me know via comments here. Anyone wishing to donate something can also contact via comments here and we can go over how follower donations work, but to sum up, you have the option to pick the winner at random for your item, as well as ship it direct to them yourself. 

I once again want to think everyone for all the support in spreading the word and its great to see the Pay It Forward starting on other blogs and forums and even from what ive heard, on local levels. Lets keep this up folks, this is what community is all about.



  1. Wow, already loads of great prizes.

    GL to all :)

  2. i know exactly what im going for if i won, the paint set. my younger brother could do with that! i think i will advertise this website, ill put it on my blog and then on facebook, tell my gaming club and alsorts. i know many people who collect 40k saame as my self, that would love the chance to win! amazing website keep up the good work!!

  3. Man, I can't believe how much stuff you guys are giving away. You should seriously consider doing a 50/50 raffle or something, I'd have a couple bucks for ya.

  4. Looks like another solid prize pool for next month. Good luck to everyone.

    PS Banners up on my site. Working on the others.

  5. I think you ought to rename your blog Miniature Wargame Giveaways. Serious community goodness. I hope your user audience is growing leaps for your efforts!

  6. very cool. I'll be sticking a banner up as well.

  7. Holy...
    Just for being a follower?
    Goddamn the bloggin/gaming community is generous...

  8. @turel - You lucky devil you!! ;)

    @Ben - Thanks Ben! Got my fingers crossed that your brother can win the paint set if he can really use it that much!

    @Frank Smith - I am in talks with some one the other very well know bloggers to do a charity even for the ASPCA and the American Cancer Society since mY wife both loved animals and passed away due to stomach cancer. I just havent figured out exactly how to run it as people already seem to think these give aways are a scam that I somehow make money off of (which think about it, I dont.)

    @Tordeck - Awesome Tor, I cant thank you enough for all your help, and glad to see you were one of the winners (it was random, I swear!)

    @Skywatcher - Hehehe but I like to focus on sharing my conversions! I just happened to be in a position to be able to arrange these give aways so I felt it was important enough to do both! :)

    @Loquacious - Hey Lo!!! That would be awesome!

    @Mephistopheles - Yup, just for being a follower, though having a high number of followers isnt why I do it this way. Its just a very easy way t have a list to use to draw out the winners each month.

  9. The fortress of redemption looks great, as does the orcs and goblins stuff.

  10. Prize ideas:
    any battleforces, terrain stuff, modelling tools, paints, large monster/vehicles, Forgeworld stuff.

    Basically all sides of the hobby. Your on the right track already.

  11. MWC,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your wife, that is awful. I will brainstorm some ideas for the charity thing and get back to you.

  12. @turel - Bitz and Kitz is donating a modeling starter kit with tolls, supplies and bitz. Ill have an exact list in the next few days as hes planning out exactly what to include. So anyone needing bitz, Head over to Bitz and Kitz for all your needs. (yes, that was a shameless plug but he really is a good guy and runs a great webstore)

    @Frank Smith - That would be very kind of you and is always welcome. Feel free to email me with any ideas you may have.