Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grey Knight Prizes in the Works for the April Give Away

Hey Folks, 

Its late but I just wanted to shoot some teaser pics of the new Grey knights that a certain webstore is offering as prizes for this months give away after receiving his conformation email tonight. He isn't doing this for advertising so as of at least right now, wishes to remain anonymous, but I'm sure he will reveal himself soon enough. He is a great chap after all and I wish his business all the best.

I don't have exact numbers worked out but right now hes shooting for donating a Codex:

1-2 Battle Brother Squads:

and possibly even a Nemesis Dreadknight!:

Ive also gotten a few emails from followers that are wishing to donate some nifty goodies such as Epic stuff and even a Necromunda Escher Gang. More info as it comes in.


  1. Ooo, an Esher gang ^.^ That there claims top of my list.

  2. ive seen the codex... im sooo collecting these guys. been uming and arring about it for ages but not had the funds to do it and my college is taking all my money atm lol... need a job sooo bad then i can start these guys up...

  3. Is it me or does the Dreadknight look like a Gundam?

  4. GKs, an Esher gang and epic stuff. The prizes grow :) I like to see a nice variety.