Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Additonal Grey Knight Prize Confirmed

Hey Folks,

Need a way to get those Grey Knights around the battlefield? Well have no more fear. The same wonderful man donating the Grey Knight stuff not even a week after its released will be donating a Stormraven as well. So as of right now the Grey Knight prize list as as follows:

I don't have exact numbers worked out but right now hes shooting for donating a Codex:

1-2 Battle Brother Squads:

and possibly even a Nemesis Dreadknight!:

 Grey Knight Stormraven:

Ive also gotten a few emails from followers that are wishing to donate some nifty goodies such as Epic stuff and even a Necromunda Escher Gang. More info as it comes in. Ill have more confirmed info on that later today/this evening.


  1. OMG a Stormraven. Thats topping my list lol

  2. This is really unbelievable!!!! I am very excited. This really shows the dedication of some of the community to make a great, fun environment.

  3. True good to be true! :D

    Dreadknight rules! :D

  4. Sweet prices for next month winners. Good luck everyone.

  5. Hullo!

    Wow - that's good stuff. Now, I guess I'm being thick, but please would someone tell me how to enter for the giveaway?

  6. @Admiral Drax - Just be a follower of the blog by clicking follow in the upper right hand corner. Arent you already a follower? I recall writing your name in the last give away, but I did have to write over 900 names so I may be mistaken. lol...

  7. I'd love to win that Escher gang, my favorite figs from GW/Citadel for years. This is a great way to keep the community involved and I definitely like that.

  8. holy crap...would love to be the winner of a battle brother squad!!! ncsgshghso;gh....too good this month...too good.