Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Actual RT ERA Warhammer 40,000 Compendium

So a follower sent me a link to the full PDF version of the RT 40k Compendium thinking others might enjoy his find..

It came out in 1989 so it may be as old if not older then alot of you, but for the rest of us, it was the good ol days when you could field basically anything your mind could come up with. it had rules to make robots,, various weapon upgrades turning them into all new beasts, forces and creatures filling the galaxy.. but alas, things have changed, overall, for the better.

"Yes my pet, bring me more notes!" Yes thats right, Its Marneus with some pet dinos.

"Ill save you" You never heard the one about the marine, the human, the squat and the orcs? To bad..

 "*silence*"... The Eldar are always sneaky!

For those that want to take a peak at the RT era mindset, wait no further and check this baby out with your own two eye balls.. All the action can be seen here, sadly you cant download it without paying but viewing it is no problem at all.


  1. :-) I have a copy on my bookshelf next to my painting table... Always good to look back at what came before, especially painting up "Consecrators", RT era Wolves, etc.... Sadly I was actually playing back then too...

  2. If you just upload any old document to ScribD you can then download for 24 hours.

  3. The Compendium is hands down my favorite RT-era book. In fact, it is the book that first got me excited about playing the Imperial Guard, and my handle Mordian 7th is drawn from within those pages...

  4. Ah the good ole days. When you could tell a Marines rank by the stripes down the length of his beakie helmet!

  5. I have been looking for this for ages. I could not remember the name, and that one book, no the other one did not help. I have some rogue trader books, and the chapter approved books. This will go well with them once it is put in a binder.

  6. I didn't start the hobby until a few years after this book came out (mid 90's from memory) but I still remember seeing these images and the stye, plus the models were not to dissimilar to those in the compendium.

    I'm definitely printing this one out for the collection!

    How's the image of the SM Medic 'Administer(ing) the final service' to the IG Trooper. Hahaha, holding his head down and executing him with a Bolt Pistol.

    SO GOOD!

  7. Epic indeed, and also older than me

  8. Grat thing but not older than my Alot.

  9. Just download and install a PDF printer

    Then print it to PDF.

  10. I actually had this. I was in college. Wow...this brings back memories.