Monday, April 4, 2011

Forgeworld Sneak Peaks from Adepticon (pic heavy)

 Hey Folks,

Awesome new stuff from FW on display at Adepticon:

Yay!! Astral Claws Shoulder Pads and Land Raider doors!! I cant wait!

Plus some sexy Heresy Era Assault troops, check out those kick butt chainswords!

Dark Eldar Raider with Haywire Cannon, gotta lvoe the crew hanging out the side and the very space elfy weapon.

Not really sure what this is, I assume some Eldar Corsair vehicle. Looking pretty sleak though.

And I must say, I love this tank and will be building at least 1 if not 2 from scratch.


  1. Wonder what the tank us supposed to be? With just 4 heavy bolters got to be some kind of transport. Does look cool though.

  2. Its some sort of mobile bunker for what I assume will be the IA:11 Book since its winter guard heavy.

  3. Oh god yes. That tank is so awesome, and so very very Orky looking.

    You can see where the big hinged Battlewagon jaw will fit almost perfectly.

    *weeps a little on the inside*

  4. I think I want a Mk2 Army...

  5. Apparently the tank is an IG Crassus Tracked Bunker. Sounds like a chimera with structure points.

  6. must make a scratch build version and hover it. will work perfectly for my IG tau auxillary army.