Sunday, April 3, 2011

[Martin's Musings] Hay Guys!


MWC has very kindly asked me to become a contributing writer here on his blog; with it being one of the biggest modelling blogs in the business, how could I refuse? I didn't need asking twice.

I'm Martin. Over time, y'all will grow to love - or hate - me, but for now, I'm just some guy putting words up on your screen, right? So, you want to know, who am I? Well, I've been in the hobby around a year now. This probably sends alarm bells off with you right away. Granted, I'm not experienced, but I've come a long way in that year; I'm sure I can bring something to the table. I'm keen to grow and expand in terms of hobby knowledge and ability, as well as sharing that which I already have. I'm certain that writing here will be the next big step on that ladder.

Currently, I play a Deathwing army, though they're done up as the Imperial Fists' Heavy Seige Company. However, I hang out frequently on Vassal - find me there simply as "Martin", we can game - and I'm always trying out weird and wonderful lists; Saim-Hann, Elysians, White Scars... I've given them all a bash. It's that part of the hobby that really grabs me, and thus, it's what I'll be writing about most - the gaming side! I'm no theoryhammer adept, no mathhammer buff, but there's nothing I enjoy more than lining up my dudemens and throwing down.

So, you'll likely be hearing more from me in the near future, if all goes well. I hope I can make it here as a writer, and that we can both learn something from my time at MWC, long may it continue.




  1. Looking forward to more from you!

  2. Nice to meet you, Martin. With our powers combined we will write things. Epic things!

  3. Same to you, Lantz. I'm looking forward to working with you, and all the staff, here at MWC.