Monday, May 2, 2011

High Resolution Map of the 40k Galaxy

Have you ever needed a really detailed Map of the 40k galaxy for that special campaign? Well a wonderful chap named Ikkaan has made one! Enjoy!

Update! A additional, even higher quality map has been made, thanks to Mordian7th for the link!

And Son of Dorn provided the link to an interactive version of the same map.


  1. Nice. Just not sure it needs a north arrow. Being a map of a galaxy and all that.

  2. I take it you've never heard of Galactic Co-ordinate system then?

  3. I'm not sure who the original creator of the map actually was, but I've had and used a higher-resolution version of it for years in my 40k:RP campaigns:

    It's a bit more legible, feel free to share - it is a beautiful map!

  4. I prefer the interactive High Res map.

  5. Very cool. I bet it would make a great poster to hang in a game room or store.