Monday, May 16, 2011

[Lantz's Corner] Micropanzer Valkyur Captain Review

If you've ever strolled through random independent miniatures webstores you have probably come across Micropanzer. While their selection of models is limited at this point, there are extraordinary things on the horizon. As for my use of their models at this time, I had my eye on the Valkyur Captain of Elite Guard to fill the role of my Rune Priest for the AdMech. This model looks pretty detailed and crisp from the images on their webstore, but what came of my purchase? Well, I was informed that you all want more details on these reviews, so here comes some solid info. More after the break:

So let's break this down. The website has a lot to be desired for shopping needs. Things are broken down into scale and nothing more. Items for sale under these categories are all on the same page with one entry for selecting your item. I would imagine eventually they'll get the store looking more maintstream and easier to use, but until then shoppers may not be pleased with their experience.

Shipping time was phenomenal. It took three days from ordering for this thing to show up at my door; one of the best shipping times to date for me. The package the model came in was an envelope lined with bubble-wrap; enough to keep a model this small safe during its travels.

When I opened the package this figure came in two pieces along with a base. On first look the detail of these pieces are amazing. The picture on the webstore doesn't do it justice. Time and time again I'm amazed at the detail these independent stores are putting out and Micropanzer is no exception. With nearly non-existent mold lines and hardly any flash, this model is a good indicator that GW's reign as the main source for figs is slowing.

So, aside from the above, was there anything wrong? There was a pretty major problem with my purchase, which you may be able to identify from the picture above. If not, you'll notice there are a few choices in Elite Guard models on Micropanzer's webstore. Where the model I purchased has the staff in a single hand, the other two options hold theirs in two hands. As you'll notice below, the staff and the figure aren't a match in this respect:

This isn't a huge problem for this specific instance, however. A simple shaving off of the lower hand and you can't tell a difference. The issue I have is if this were to occur with a more noticeable/unfixable piece. Until I order from Micropanzer again I'll choose to assume this was just a fluke.

For size comparison, I've set this figure up next to a Space Marine. As you can tell, the Valkyur is a tad larger than it probably should be for 40k scale being 32mm to 40k's rough 28mm, but this is really only noticeable if you put enough attention into this sort of thing. Otherwise it's a perfect edition to my new army. You may also notice the above image has a different base than the one I used here, but this is merely to keep all of my army's bases the same type.

Very fast shipping
Fine detail
Little cleanup

Webstore could use some updating
Wrong piece sent

Micropanzer is one of those stores I've known about for a while and wanted to purchase from to try them out. Now that I have, I'm pretty pleased with the result. By far the most important thing when buying a figure is the amount of detail put into it and I was delighted in this respect. The downside is I was sent the wrong staff for the model. I actually like the Guard's staff better than the Captains and the extra hand was easily removed, but it's unclear if this is a one in a million chance or far greater. Overall I'm pleased with the purchase and plan on seeking them out again once their new line of products is released.

~Lantz aka Sinaura

Well Lo and behold; ask and you shall receive. It seems in the short week that their website was down, they've made quite the overhaul of their website. The webstore is a lot cleaner looking, and currently there's a special going on until June 1st of 20% or more off of retail pricing on all models.

The new website also includes new models, new concept art and a new home page. I for one am on the edge of my seat waiting for the Raven Bike, Russian Heavy Combat Armor Troopers and Shinigami Prototype models; and it looks like I might not have to wait too much longer.

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  1. Excellent review! I hadn't run across this company before, but I've just picked up one of these models as well as the "Merc - Mirage" that will come in handy as some sort of bad guy for my Rogue Trader campaign. Great find - thanks!