Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[Thoughts of a Herb] Grey Knight list building.

OK, so as I promised on my first post, I'm now going to take you, step-by-step, through my Grey Knight list.

I've had the codex for a while (as have most of us, I imagine!) and it's actually surprisingly tricky to fit everything I want into a list, because as the picture says, Grey Knights aren't exactly a swarm army. It's a real challenge to fit the anti-tank, the anti-swarm, long range, short range and everything in between into 2000 or 2500 points. However, I think I got everything, so lets go!

Actually, before we do, a quick disclaimer. I didn't build this list for rofl-stomping at a tournament. This list is meant to have a fair to good chance of winning, and provide an interesting and fun battle on both sides.

First off the main bulk of the army...

10 Terminators
Combat Squad One
2 Swords
w/ Psycannons
2 Daemonhammers
Combat Squad Two
2 Daemonhammers
3 Halberds

10 Terminators
Combat Squad One
5 Falchions
1 Incinerator
Combat Squad Two
2 Halberds
2 Daemonhammers
1 Halberds w/ Incinerator

So, you notice I'm combat-squad-ing them down to four groups of five man Terminators. Why not just have 4 squads of five? Three reasons. One, there is absolutely no difference pointswise. Two, it means Thawn's squad is limited to one psycannon, instead of two and the other squad not having any. Three, I can use Grand Strategy to affect the two combat squads at once.

Also, you'll notice I'm specific about where my special weapons are. That's to spread out the abilities. So, if a psycannon gets killed, I still have a Daemonhammer.

Speaking of Grand Strategy... My HQ's are as follows...

Grand Master
MC sword
Rad grenades
Psychotroke grenades
Digital weapons
Blind Grenades
3 x Servo Skulls

-The Summoning
-Might of Titan
-3 x Servo-skulls

The Librarian will go with the Falchion Squad, and the GM will go with the other Combat Squad of the unit. These will be my Deathstar unit, the ones in the thick of it.

The other two Combat squads can stat either on the field or in reserve for Deepstriking as I see fit. The Hammer/Halberd squad will be sent after some side units, as an 'active defense' or a net. Thawn can be sent to either my own objective by starting on the table or the enemies via DS. When he dies, I can move his squad off for some head crunching, and hopefully he'll come back. And keep coming back...

OK, moving into elites, I have one elite, and you gotta love him...

Vindicare Assassin

In previous iterations of my list, he sat in a ruin that had been bolstered by a Techmarine for a 2+ cover save. In this list, he infiltrates. His job is simply to snipe out the IC's the fists, the plasma's, anyone with a reasonable chance of getting past my Terminator armour.

Into my Fast now, and I didn't go for the obvious choice...

10-man Interceptor Squad
2 Psycannons
5 Halberds
2 Daemonhammers

These are my flanking unit. So, I run them into cover first turn, perhaps, or scout them. Then, shunt forward to a flank, or behind the enemy, and cause as much damage as possible with stormbolters and psycannons. I don't really expect them to do much before they die, but it buys me valuable time for the Termies to deep-strike in.

You may note I'm not upgrading them as much as I could. The Justicar and psycannons are stuck with their normal swords. That's because if I get Perils of the Warp, the Justicar is dead, so I don't want to put more points in than necessary. The psycannons are there to give a bit more 'oomph' into the shooting, but it's more than likely that after that, the enemy will pile unit after unit into them until they die. In that case, they will be the first to go, save my halberds and hammers a chance to do a bit more.

And finally, a Heavy. I had 155 points left, which isn't really enough for an effective dreadknight. So, I went for...

5-man Purgation Squad
4 Incinerators
Teleport Homer
HK missile

This is my serious anti-swarm unit. I chose incinerators over psycannons or psilencers because A) they're Assault weapons and B) They're free!
The Rhinos there to give them a tiny bit more anti-vehicle potential with a HK missile, and also to protect the homing beacon. This gives my Deep-Striking Termies somewhere to aim at.

So, that's my 2000 point list. If I want to up it to 2500, I give the HQ-and-company a couple of Stormravens to ride in, thus...

2 Stormravens

Lascannon / Multimelta
Hurricane Bolters

These are kitted out against vehicles, because the rest of my list does lack some long-range anti-tank. Plus Grey Knights can't take infantry meltas.

And then I give my Librarian Sanctuary to deter any nasty counter-charges, and the Interceptors psybolt ammo so as for more damage the turn they assault. And that's 2500 points, right there.

So, cheers for actually making it to the end of the post! Comment on what you think, any suggestions welcome (or trolls, you lot crack me up!), and I'll carry on and get hold of something else to write about! Maybe Orks next. Far too many 'oomies on dis 'ere blog...

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