Sunday, July 3, 2011

Completed Heirs of Horus Land Raider

Nope, im not dead. Work has just been sucking the life out of me. I have a bit of time this morning to post some work on the newly named Heirs of Horus (tons of fluff to follow). First up, a land Raider for the Sternguard or Capt with honor guard.

MWC is also having a monthly conversion contest. This month its for 40k characters, named ones or independent ones that can be fielded on their own. There are prizes in the form of GW gift cards for the top 3 as well as a runner up prize chosen by the MWC staff. Started yesterday and ends at midnight on the 20th.

Ready, set, CONVERT!


  1. Great work, I like the demon face growths on the side panels.

  2. Freaking damn swee. Love to see more sons of horus, I missed the updates. Keep the exelent work :D