Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon - The Steel Legion Army comes together!

Dave Taylor, the amazing chap that is running the Steel Legion Build Team for the HoA Charity Project has gotten in the Battlefoam for the entire army. We here at MWC love how amazing the army has come together and are especially look forward to this:

"And tucked away down the bottom of this case is the Superheavy tray (or Tray seven). It currently holds a 450 point Stormsword (more about that in tomorrow's post), but it will also be shipped out with another piece of superheavy excitement. This surprise tank will hopefully be shown on Monday or Tuesday, keep your eyes peeled."
So, if you want a chance to win this army or any of the 3 others, head over to and donate now and donate often!

Full info, as well as pics of the entire Steel Legion army coming together can be found at his blog, here.


  1. Clearly it's going to be Yarrick's ride :)

  2. That would have been a wicked sweet idea.... No, its more of an army themed one rather then his personal ride, which again, I wish I would have thought about doing..

  3. Yarrick just get a chimera, that's over on the SWM blog. Looking forward to seeing what goes in the empty slot.