Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon - The Golgotha Has Arrived! Built by MWC!

Excerpt from Dave Taylor's Blog, Team Leader for the Heroes of Armageddon Steel Legion Army
Early on in the HoA project I spoke with Matt from Miniature Wargames Conversions, a guy who has created some pretty amazing "Apocalypse-style" conversions/builds in the past, and he agreed to take on the task. After the past few months Matt has been tinkering away, gathering a few bits from here and there, to create what I would like to dub the "Golgotha".
When Matt had finished the tank, he shipped it off to Brandon from GMM Studios. Again, another great guy and spectacular hobbyist, who whipped up this great paint job on the mighty Golgotha. Brandon assures me the airbrush stripes are Rotting Flesh in hue (to match the rest of the tanks), but his lights appear to have slightly washed it out.

Honestly, both guys have done a spectacular job, donating their time, talents, and personal savings to bring this dream to life. I take my hat off to them.

If you havent donated to HoA yet for a chance to win the Steel Legion army, or one of the other 3 amazing armies, head over to the site, and take a peak at whats up for grabs for such a great cause!

Full Info on how to donate as well as the stuff up for grabs can be found here: http://heroesofarmageddon.blogspot.com/


  1. pity he didn't drill out the smoke launchers ;)

    but no, really, that is so damn awesome!

  2. Are you sure the smoke launchers were supposed to be drilled out? http://photos.kitmaker.net/data/14000/medium/IMG_0140.JPG

  3. interesting stuff, i hereby eat my words!

  4. seen a few of those in the last few years. This is by far better than the usual just file and glue a reaver weapon to the track. nice detail.