Monday, September 26, 2011

September's Voting Has Begun!

Its finally that time! Let the voting begin! Please do vote using the poll at the top right of the blog. Sorry for the delay; note that we'll still have a 10-day voting period, we'll just be extending out the end-of-voting into next month. As always, feel free to leave comments so that the creators of these awesome conversion can read them and bask in the feedback all the readers here will give!

Onto the show!

Entry #1
This is version of Col. "Iron Hand" Straken, ala Vostroya.  I call him Strakov.  I started the Vostroyan officer with a Power Sword and Plasma Pistol. To represent his bionics I replaced one foot with a with the foot of a necron warrior.  For his power sword arm, I used the bionic arm from the Space Marine captain sprue.  I cut off the chain-sword blade with the original Power Sword blade from the Vostroyan offfcer model.   Since Straken also carries a shotgun, I added an Empire repeater handgun to represent the shotgun.

 Entry #2
Nephilim Soldier for Hordes
This is my Nephilim Soldier for Hordes, based on the cover art of the rulebook.
It has the arm and hand from a Teraph and the rest of it is the original Nephilim and a lot of super sculpey.

Entry #3
Rat Ogre
This Rat Ogre is actually from some years back and is my first serious attempt at sculpting in green stuff.
I'm quite happy with it, but I have never done anything from scratch and as serious ever since.

Entry #4
My entry: hmm what is it, some kind of steam punk esque minotaur.
(Quite proud of the tiny snail on the base)
Made from:
    Body: GW/LOTR trolls
    Head: GW Minotaur
    Right Arm: GW/LOTR troll arm & GW/Imperial cannon.
    Left Arm: GW Dreadnought legs, GW giant hand, sculpted staff.
    Rigt Leg: GW/LOTR troll.
    Left Leg: GW Dreadnought legs
    Back: GW Dreadnought power pack.
    Plus GW ogre & minotaur bits.
    Plus putty.

Entry #5
Destroyer Lord
This is an older conversion of mine that I recently blew the dust off in light of the new Necron Army coming out soon.
Basically he's a seated Destroyer Lord, but I wanted him to be hardwirted into a throne rather than just a Torso mounted in a skimmer and I wanted to add a more egyptian feel to him, aka Tomb Kings in space!
He is a combination of destroyer and warrior pieces cut into new poses. I custom built the throne and staff from sheet styrene and used a WFB empire wizard hat for this egyptian style helm. I also used a WFB wizard staff topper as a chronometron. If you look closely you'll see a Necron symbol as the back for the chair.

Entry #6
Dark Eldar Ravager
Is that a Dragon with freakin disintegrator cannons on it?...
…Yes it is!
I made this conversion with the intention of bringing a little bit of the fantasy back into 40K. The Dark Elf Black Dragon model was just too cool to pass up, so I tried to find a way to make it a 40K vehicle and this is what I came up with.
Essentially on the table this would count as a Dark Eldar Ravager with 2 disintegrator cannons and one dark lance. I added subtle cybernetics all over it and modified the rider to have more Dark Eldar looking armor vs. Dark Elf. A left over Finecast Archon helmet was just the bit of dandy fopism I needed for the rider and voila!

Entry #7
Menoth Templar Warjack
This is a conversion of a Menoth Templar Warjack for Warmachine.
It started out as a regular Crusader Warjack. I reposed the legs upon the rock. The grill on the head was flipped to give the face a different look. The shield was scratch built from plastic card. The Ball & Chain weapon was custom built and uses a jewelry chain.
The painting uses a much darker color theme than the Privateer Press colors. I also used pigments to apply smoke effects to the exhaust pipes along the top of the model.

Entry #8
Hive Guard
All parts from Warriors
Legs are my lease favorite looking scything talons, so I had a lot laying around
Gun is a mix of several different ones, to give it a new look
Covered eyes, because game wise they are blind
Green stuff just filled in gun gaps so two halves would look like one
Converted these to save money.  Real ones are expensive.  I picked up a bunch of Tyranid Warriors on eBay for about 40% of MSRP
This is one of three

Entry #9
Thousand Sons Defiler
My entry for the September Conversion Contest is an upright Thousand Son theme Defiler.  It is completely built from the Defiler kit, greenstuff, sheet styrene and styrene rods.
I wanted my upright Defiler to actually look like it was capable of moving, but maintain a Defiler feel.  This required a lot of work in addition to the typical upright Defiler conversion, which was made especially hard due to the clean nature of my Thousand Sons army.  I first did a 180 on the torso and upper thigh to allow more range of motion.  Next, I made a ball and socket joint for the arms with styrene, then packed the torso with packing peanuts to provide friction.  This allowed me to have a completely posable shoulder joint.  Then I extended the arms and thickened the upper thighs.
Magnets were used to connect the torso to the legs for easier disassembly.  The weapons are interchangeable, both the shoulder mount and the under-the-torso groin mount.  With this, I can field any Defiler weapon configuration.  

Entry #10
This conversion used a standard Marine bike with a Ravenwing front. The front wheel has been removed and the supports extended ti give the bike a unique, chopper look. The captain is a normal Marine Captain kit with a resin Storm Shield and a Spear made from a Space Marine Command Squad banner bearer pole with a greenstuff head.

Entry #11
The model comprises of a standard bike with a Ravenwing front and a flag from an Imperial Guard Cadian Command Squad. The captain is made mostly from a standard Space Marine Captain kit, using a Storm Shield from a Terminator. The legs are repositioned to show the captain stopped with his foot on the floor, spurring on the rest of his forces.

Entry #12
Iron Warriors Aspiring Champion
Forgeworld MK3 body, Forgeworld bionic fist, plasma pistol and leg parts on mechadendrites.
Also, some bitz from Maxmini - steampunk helmet, bionic hands on mechadendrites - and common bitz from Chaos Rhino sprues.

Entry #13
There were a fair few bits used on this one, so I thought I'd bullet-point them in the interests of clarity.
  • Head - One of the standard catachan jungle fighters heads with the hair/bandana/whateverithadIforget shaved off, and the chin slightly narrowed with a craft knife. Hair and 'tache sculpted with green stuff.
  • Torso - Standard plastic mk. VIII torso slightly widened with gs/milliput and embelished with grandt line rivets.
  • Belt - plasticard belt. 'Buckle' is made from removing the top and bottom prongs from a terminator honours pendant.
  • Legs - Normal plastic mk. VI legs, re-positioned, slightly widened and embellished with GS and more rivets.
  • Hip plates - green stuff & GS/milliput mix + rivets
  • Arms - Standard plastic arms re-positioned, with the cuffs removed and then embellished with 50/50 gs Milliput mix.
  • Shoulder pads - GS/milliput sculpts + rivets.
  • Sword - large marine power sword (the one with the skull) shortened to correct size, with the sheath built around it out of plasticard. The shaft was removed from the hand down, and then the portion below the hand was reattached. Buckles are cast from the sheathed scout knife.
  • Combi-plasma - Body from a bolt gun and stock from a plasma gun. Plasma barrel is a narrowed plasma pistol. Bolt Barrel & Scope are from a Scout bolt pistol, bolt magazine arrangement is from a regular marine bolt pistol. Plasma 'bit' behind the mag comes off a plasma gun.
  • Backpack - standard plastic backpack with the top removed, then 'sawed' down the middle with a needle file (to make it narrower). new top is a melta bomb and the 'vents' are sculpted from gs/milliput. Final finishing with gs/milliput and plasticard details.

Entry #14
Ecclesiarch Super-Heavy Sisters Of Battle Exorcist
Details:  This is a super-heavy version of the Sisters Of Battle Exorcist; I call it the Ecclesiarch.
Overall, pieces from 7 kits were used:  The Baneblade, the Exorcist, the Leman Russ Demolisher, the Land Raider Redeemer, the Sentinel,  the Empire Hellblaster Volley gun / Hellstorm rockets, Cities of Death Imperial Basilica, plus some green stuff, plasticard, sheet, tubing,  rod and c-channel, and a tech-servitor. 
The hull is a basic baneblade hull modified to make things fit – I flattened out the top where the turret normally sits and added sheet styrene as a base for the pipe organ of doom.   
The pipes are simply two sizes of styrene tubing cut in a mitre box and arranged by size to form the proper shape.  I moved the front of the upper hull forward about a half inch to be able to fit the ‘organist’  from the Exorcist kit into its position, filled the resulting gap with sheet styrene and built up a platform to hold the organist.
One of the Servitors is from the Exorcist kit, the other is  a Tech Servitor with his legs replaced by a piston from the bulldozer blade on the IG tank accessory sprue.  Both Servitors received arms made from the Chainsaw blade on the IG Sentinel.  The reload ammo for the pipe-organ was made from  WHFB Empire Hellblaster rockets, the racks holding the reloads are pieces cut from plasticard to mimic the reload racks on the Exorcist kit scaled up to Super Heavy size.
The sponson weapons are twin-linked multi-meltas made by grafting the Demolisher’s Multimeltas onto the twin-linked heavy flamers from the Baneblade.  The sponson turrets are the original sponson turrets with Flamestorm cannon grafted on to represent Inferno Cannon.
The ‘bling plates’ on the sides are castings from the Imperial Basilica Wall-o-skulls bordering the door emblem from the Immolator/Exorcist kit. Then I bordered the whole thing  with C-channel and added rivets from 1 mm plastic rod.  I also did extensive carving on the hull sides to get the metal plates from the excorcist to fit.
The statues on the organ are castings from the Cities of Death basilica, altered to fit on the concave surface.  The Fleur-de-Lis  and scrolls on the rear  are scaled up versions of their counterparts on the Excorcist kit.

Entry #15
Dark Eldar Razorwing
What you need: Fireprism turret sprue, Dark Eldar weaponary and some spikey bits were taken from two raider kits, styrene (1mm thick), Epoxy putty, Missile racks from a Lanspeeder Typhoon launcher (can be done with tooth picks as well)
The conversion was done way before GW released their own version which I think is good. 

Entry #16
Space Wolves Thunderwolve Mount
What I used: Dire Wolf model from Dungeon an dragons and a lot of greenstuff. Since I wanted to habe my own Thunderwolf cavalary I chopped the model apart and made a mold. With my resin casts I started to get them into different poses and finally added details with greenstuff. Since I do not cast on a professional level there is a lot of gap filling included. One of them was even partially resculpetd. A lot of work but hopefully worth it in the end,  Currently I have 5 models and everytime I do some modeling I add a little more variation- I fear they will never see paint ^^. 

Entry #17
DEldar Baron
The model has all the wargear that the baron has (e.g. Splinter pistol and Phantasm grenade launcher); plus, unlike most Baron conversions, my Baron's skyboard actually looks like it gives him +2 str on the charge!  The board is made from two Reaver hulls and the seat/engine of a Reaver.  The chains and the blade in the back are from the Raider kit.  The sail is from the Raider kit, and the two curved bars on the sail were leftover from Ravager kits.  The Phantasm grenade launcher--which is split up and placed where the Reaver pop-up screens would go--is from the Hellions kit.  The Splinter pod--which is inside the board and shoots out the front--is made from two leftover Reaver Splinter rifles.  The Baron himself has Hellion legs, a Kabalite Warrior chest, Hellion arms, a Reaver head, and some hanging skulls and a Splinter pistol which were from my DE bitz box and I think are from the Hellion kit.  No green stuff was required for this conversion.

Entry #18
Slannesh Dread
This is my Slannesh Dread. I made it out of the following:
Warmachine Cryx Helljack Plastic Kit ( Head and Arm)
Warhammer 40K IG Sentinel kit ( two rocket launchers )
Warhammer 40K Blood Angel Librarian Dreadnought body
Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marine rhino accessory sprue ( Various whosits and whatsits )
Warhammer 40K Valkyrie light plate ( back decoration )
Warhammer 40K IG Heavy Weapons Crew kit ( Battery packs on the back )
Warhammer 40K IG troop sprue ( helmet and gun on the base)
Warhammer Fantasy "Dead Guy" from the Vampire Count Corpse Cart (Basing)
Flexible electrical conduit (Tail)
Guitar String (Formed the framework for the "goo")
Green Stuff ( flesh )
Hot glue ( "goo" )

Entry #19
Custom Built Penitant Engine
Parts used:
Sentinel Legs
Hacked up Sentinel cockpit
spare heretic from the real penitant engine set
another pare of sentinel legs converted into arms
hands are made from flamers from an ork set, and chainsaw blades I believe from the Catachan Sentinels
Some good old Chaos Spikey bits thrown on for effect.

Entry #20
Belial TH/SS
I need a Belial TH/SS model, so I decided to convert one.  This contest was the perfect motivator.
For the model, I use a standard terminator leg and torso. The shield arm is a standard terminator sergeant Storm shield, with the imperial eagle filed away and replaced with a Deathwing symbol made out of green stuff.  The thunder hammer arm is from a space wolf terminator.  I filed off the large skull on each side of the hammer head and replaced it with two sword emblems cut from the dark angels sprue symbols.  The cape is from a space wolf terminator lord (I believe).  I used green stuff to fill in some of the holes to make it look less rustic.  The shoulder pads are standard terminator shoulder pads with the addition of dreadnought leg armor.  The TH/SS shoulder has an extra dark angels icon added.  The model is on a standard base, covered with a textured styrene. I cut up a pillar/column that you would put on a wedding cake, added some brown stuff and a few rocks.  Textured the brown stuff to look like rubble.

Entry #21
Blood Axe Shoota Boyz
My entry is a mob of twenty Blood Axe Shoota Boyz, with a Cold-War (Cold Waaagh?) era vibe to their equipment, inspired by the 'Ork Marines' in Grunts (a novel by Mary Gentle).
The basic level of conversion every boy has in common is in having ragged edge between arm and torso carved back, and resculpted as either a rolled up sleeve or a larger, thicker ragged edge as some kind of body-armoured vest.
Many have some kind of helmet, hat, buzz-cut-squig made through a mix of press-mould and scratch sculpting techniques that vary from model to model.
The M16-a-like weapons are made from ~25mm long flying base stems and plasticard scraps. The other weapons (Including Nob Fist/Klaw, the Radio pack, and the Big shootas) are either converted on existing parts, or built entirely from scratch from a variety of thicknesses of plasticard rod, and either 0.5 or 1mm plasticard sheet.
The odd yellow butt-pack or rucksack is from a Tamiya 1/35 US Modern accessories kit.
All sculpting work is done in Procreate, apart from some very early pieces, and particularly fine details (such as stitching) which is done with Green Stuff due to it's increased stickiness keeping it on the model instead of the tools.


  1. Some really great entries here!

    That Dark Eldar Baron windsurfer conversion is genius. Might have to pinch that design for the future.

  2. Thanks #5! Feel free to use the design; I love your stuff on eyeoferror and it would be awesome to see what you would do with the concept.

  3. Some really good stuff and lots of ideas to borrow. And we only get 1 vote. Tough choice.

  4. Some brilliant conversions, I particularly liked number.

    It's a shame that my entries appear to have been ignored.

  5. They werent ignored, the spam filters ate them... I will figure something out for you.

  6. I also like the surfer idea very much foremost because you get the parts form a raider kit for free (more or less). So you could easily make beastmasters or similar. Shame that a lot of the pictures are too bad to see details. I would really love a link to better picks.

  7. Ah fair enough on my entries, sometimes the double xx in my email does get me ignored. Don't worry about trying to "work something out" I was entering for fun, not to win anyhow, I know my conversions aren't up to these standards :).

    Please set my email up as accept though, I have some other conversions that are better that I didn't enter (as I wasn't sure on the entering stuff done years ago rule) should there be another competition they qualify for.

    Did I really write "I particularly like number"..... I meant to put FOUR!! lol.


  8. IMO the painted pictures shouldn't be used for the competition shots because I believe they are effecting voters opinions.

    I may well sound like a git for saying this but IMO the present lead in this competition is IMO no where near the best technically (very cleanly and nicely done, excellently painted, but as far as conversions go it's, well not very complex really... sorry.)

    I sort of feel that it being the last codex released and such a complex and well executed paint job has pushed it over the edge... but this is a conversion competition.... :(

    Anyway i'm sorry if I have offended anyone, this is just the way I feel.

  9. If it was only painted pics id agree but it IS a heaviuly converted model. If youve ever worked with curving plastic card AND making it detailed to mathc an eldar, or in this case a dark eldar vehicle, youd realize its not easy at all.

    Plus, there is an huge thread on a forum talking about and showing the conversion step by step.

    Hes in a huge lead because he is active online and on at least 5 forums. There is no rule stating people cant show the conversion on a forum or their own blog to help get it seen (and voted on).

    This is almost the same thing that happened last month. Friends will always vote for friends. I have an IP watcher so I know there are no cheating votes going on. Its all people, making a single vote.

    And for the record, 4 entries were not allowed because they were ONLY painted pictures.

    But just to make everyone happy, in the future no painted pics will be allowed at all, even when the conversion is clearly shown before paint. Its to late to change it now and that in itself would affect the votes more then anything, namely it would have to start over.

  10. Thanks for all your votes! Looking forward to the next competition.