Friday, March 30, 2012

Competition - Last chance for entries

Yeah we said 30th.  Guess we should look at a calendar or something and notice there are 31 days in March.  Oops.  Soz.

The still means though you have about 27 hours to get your entries in.  Plenty of time to glue that last bit of plasitcard on, watch as it falls off, swear loudly and throw the model against the wall.  Good thing you were doing an Ork conversion, nobody will ever know.  Just stop crying, it doesn't look good.

We've had some great entries in the last few days and look forward to a few more on the last day.  Midnight, Central time, tomorrow, Saturday March 31st  (that's next week sometime in Australia according to Red's corps) and we are done.  It'll take a few days to get the entries organized and then we'll get the voting under way.  Been some good entries, it'll be a decent fight.

See, even Forgeworld wanted in so they submitted their Storm Eagle.  Unfortunately they only gave us a painted shot so no win for them.  :)


The Rogue Trader


  1. Next week? I'm from the future motherfuckers!

  2. This should help you remember:
    "Thirty days past September, April, June and November, all the rest have thirty one, except February which is completely dysfunctional with 28 or 29"

  3. agh! I can't take the suspense!