Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No pictures - Just the facts.

Whatsup earthlings,

The facts:

1. I'm not the most productive or dedicated MWC writer, but I talk a lot of BS on the FB group and figured a rev-up was a good idea.

2. As Billy Shakes once said 'Do not be like the cat who wanted a fish but was afraid to get his paws wet.'. We have some fantastic prizes available for our competition (WHICH IS CLOSING IN A FEW DAYS), so good that I am actually considering resigning my position as a staff member so I can thrash you all with my hand crafted wickedness and win some of those vouchers.

You won't win shit if you are afraid to get your paws wet.

3. If you do win a prize, nerds of the opposite sex are at least 5% more likely to bed you at the next something-con. Not guaranteed.

4. If you haven't started anything yet, you still have time. I only did my thing in a few days with no planning and kinda cutting/glueing as I went. You could even borrow this idea I had in a dream where I fastened weapons and plasticard armour to an actual budgie and make yourself a working stormraven! That has to be a winner, I mean your entry actually flies.

Get to it, we already have some good stuff but we would love to see some more conversions if you think yours has got what it takes. Click the links on the blog for the details and make sure you get those entries in on time.


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