Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Objective for the Sons of Horus

I figured I'd make 3 objectives for the Sons of Horus army in case I do play in any games or attend any tourneys this year.

Ive always liked the necron article in an old WD from 97 or so. It had a Imperial excavation site digging up a tome world. One of the pieces of terrain was a computer and work desks, examining a scarab. I liked the idea of a computer, so I modified the idea to fit the SoH.

(Please note the blank spots on the base are for GS rubble to match the dragon forge base styles.)

I present a hijacked data center. The story behind it is a computer wired directly into the data center to steal info as well as get info from other sites on planet, via an up link to orbiting satellites. I think I pulled it off, and if not, its still a nice little objective.

1 comment:

  1. Great Idea, I will start longer Legio Cybernetica Department, your alterations inspiring me.
    G-Mail for you
    THX Jozo