Monday, January 31, 2011

Last night to enter the free give away Raffle!

Only a few more hours left for the raffle!

Tonight, I will write each name from my followers list down on a slip of paper and draw 5 winners from the bowl. I will then email each winner asking them to make a list of the 5 winning items they want in order from greatest to least. Ill then assign winners as I get the replies back. That will get the best chance for each person to get what models they want.

The 5 winners will get to pick from:

Choice 1) FoW Set (2 boxes, counts as one choice)

Choice 2) Warmachine Set (2 boxes, counts as one choice)

Choice 3) Warhammer 40k Set A

Choice 4) Warhammer 40k Box Set B

Choice 5) Scratch Built Item - Choice of either a Thunderhawk Gunship or a Warhound Titan. Both built by me, but do to the size only 1 can be chosen.

So that's it folks, good luck to everyone!!


  1. Oh how dearly I hope i win one. Thunderhawk *ahahahahhhhaaaaaaaa in homer simpson voice*

  2. I think you're keeping us all in suspense :p

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