Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Completed Undivided Demon Prince of Chaos

Another thing sadly sold awhile back to pay for bills. I have the bitz to remake it and plan to soon. I dont know what ill use it for and most likely only ever field it in Apocalypse., but still, I liked him.


  1. Thats looks awesome. Pitty you had to sell it.

  2. Impressive! Pretty nice looking, and overall, I love the base work. Most of usual 40K players tend to do nothing with their bases, and also lots of fantasy players just trhow some electrostatic grass and nothing else. As fantasy player, I appreciate the effort you put on the base, looks very nice!


  3. @Aleksi Lehtio - Yea, it wasnt a fun day but I know the guy that bought it loved it and gave it to his brother as a gift. So i like to think its still leading a chaos army somewhere.

    @Nesbet - Thanks for the kind words mate! Yea, its ashame when you see a great model but its not based. Even basic stuff like switching up flock works wonders.

  4. I'm new-ish here, so please forgive me if this already exists: would you ever consider doing a short series of posts on basing models? I'm one of those offenders who sticks to sand (painted) and static grass, and I've just never gotten the "feel" for making nicer bases.

  5. @Jason - Welcome! oh no worries at all mate, I know how it can be to get that look or feel that you want. Id be more the happy to make a set of posts on doing various bases. Ill actually do one within the next 3 days. I need to base more Sons of Horus so its a great time for it!

    If you have any specifics youd like me to cover, just let me know!