Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Possessed Nurgle Predator Tank

Had a request to post all the pics I had of this conversion I did last year. I decided to go with a slime/tenticle filled tank for the WYSISYG possessed rules instead of the classic, hatchs welded shut.


  1. That gun-turret rig looks particularly impressive! Do you mind if I ask what your secret to the slime in the hatch is?

  2. Another great looking conversion peice.

  3. Amazing, can't wait to see this thing painted!

  4. Brittlewords - Its actually just a tube of cheap super glue squirted into the area i want to make slime, then as its still wet i pour over a bit of plastic weld. It does make fumes and needs to be done outside as im sure its not safe to breathe in...

    @Tordeck - Thanks mate :D

    @Lantz - Sadly it was sold last year for medical bills on ebay :(