Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sons of Horus Dreadnought Finished + Base

Did a bit more work on this guy, added some studs, another impurity seal, some writing on it and the book (need to do the shin armor scroll). Also added the blood for the severed heads and finished the tentacles.

The base is done but didn't come out like i had hoped for. I didn't realize the bricks would be so low down in the dirt but in the end its not to bad. I may add more fallen bricks to give it a more 3d feel but eh, its good for gaming.

Anything I should change before sealing it?


  1. I like the detail added to this Dread, Especially the tongue on the chainblade and the studding on the shoulder pad (very Pre-hersey looking)

  2. Thanks! Yea the studs really set that arm off. Before I was going to add some caution stripes like the Iron Warriors have but decided studs would be better. Glad it worked!

  3. This is a great model and conversion. His pose looks like he is drunk and dancing a bit, from some angles heh :)