Monday, June 11, 2012

Hornet Class Storm Talon Conversion [Rogue Trader]

Redscorps named his Storm Talon, figured I'd do the same with mine.  With the fact I went with a Skyhammer Missile option and this looks like some kind of insect I went for 'Hornet Class'.

As a follow up to the excellent work from Redscorps I wanted to post my more basic conversion.  My big issue with the Storm Talon was the off balance weapons hanging off the front.  As a fix for that I went for a more Apache like look with weapon pods on the side.

I left the rest alone, I'm kind of entertained by the tiny, stubby hull that is the Storm Talon.  It looks like a heavily armored bee.  The weapon pods are just rectangles of thick plasticard.  I had a lot of left over missiles from various IG tanks so I built those up on a launch frame.  I was originally going to hang the missiles underneath, but that would have made the weapon pods a little too long.  Instead I went with the missiles on top and the TLAC (a smaller set from the Dark Angel sprues) underneath.  It does put the missiles a little closer to the engines than I'd like, but It'll do for now.  To patch up the front I just used a saw to give me a flat surface and a couple more bits of plasticard and some green stuff dealt with the rest.  I still need to clean the greenstuff up a bit, but otherwise this is now ready to paint.

Hope you like it



  1. That looks much more balanced, it's a great conversion! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Looks great! You're right about the assault cannons at front, they're a real visual anchor and makes it look way too heavy at the nose. Your fix for this looks awesome, more balanced, but I think more menacing as well

  3. this looks a LOT faster than the box version. I remember seeing the new models for sale and thinking that it must have been a joke. I wish they had put more thought into this model so that I did not have to do as much work to make it as cool as this one. This model is something that I could believe in. I could picture this working in real life, and the lines are more organic to the space marine aesthetic. Great work and even better vision mate.