Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Private Messages Sent Here

Just a quick update...

Anyone (alpha...) that thinks they aren't getting sent PMs via here, simply be signed in, go to the follower box, click your options drop down menu and click messages or accept messages if you haven't set it already. Alpha I've sent you multiple ones via here... you have TWO accounts. You have your posting one for comments, i CANT message that one. You also have google friend connect, that's what I'm using to message you.

So for everyone else, that's how I send messages here as well for the give away. But since last time a few people didnt realize it was a google friend connect message, ill just be posting the winners at 12 noon central time US, April 7th.


  1. Wow, I didn't even realise that was an option, hehe.

  2. Yea, it gets overlooked by ALOT of people. In fact I had messages that way for probably 5 weeks before noticing it one day..

  3. must be why i didnt getthe message last month. Fixed now.

  4. I didn't know I won anything til the next day lol