Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To dreadnought Army or not, that is the question.

 (not my models, credit goes to the creator, not me)

So Folks,

I have been on the fence about making the Sons of Horus force a Dread heavy army or not. Right now the current 2k list has 3 Dreads but I'm considering upping that to 5. I'm looking for feedback for pros and cons, for and against the idea.


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  1. Interesting, IIRC you're basing yours off of the BA codex? My Fleshtearers tend to run with 2-4 DNs, and a mix of the different types... I'd say that 3 is about the "right" number, at least the way I play them (hyper aggressive Assault types...)... A lot depends on your local area of course, I see a LOT of Melta here, so more would be hitting a level of diminishing returns for the points for the "shock and awe" of DNs hitting the enemy lines... 'course, YMMV as always...

  2. My 0.02 cents. A Dreddy army is super cool. :D

  3. Somewhat 1 trick pony, but if you can afford it and have a "normal" list, this is the sort of fun list you can whip out to play something different now and then.

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  5. I'm doing one using the Blood Angles codex, I've gotten to 10 - can do 11 but I wanted the libbys. But the Death Company tax is a SOB

    But in smaller (1,500) games I'm looking at being able to backwards convert it to Vanilla SM.


  6. I currently have a dread heavy army that I have developed over time using C:SM. It is a Vulkan force, but it is fun. It has 5 dreads. You can see it at http://gonetoground2.blogspot.com. I love the dread heavy lists. They are quite fun.

  7. Dred armies are good. They cause havok, and can be adjusted for mass armor or troop destruction. But remember that objectives are not held by drednoughts.

  8. hmm, dread armies are getting better with the advent of plasma over melta spam (TY thundercalv), also I've already been playing against the new GK & I can say I love the dread ability to go sit on top of their squads with the ricidulous 2+ invul in CC. Preferably of course, I'd shoot them with plasma, but a lot of people have already cottoned on to the idea of using shroud for the +1 cover or whatever it is to at least give them a shot.

    That said, you can neve go wrong with CRUSH MAIM KILL!

  9. Too many deads, sweet. Really sweet.