Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bits and Kits - Confirmed Prize Kit Details

The official prize kit that Bits and Kits is offering will include the following:

  • 1 x swann morton retractable knife
  • 5 x swann morton blades(for the above)
  • 1 x double ended pin vice
  • 5 x 2mm drill bits
  • 5 x 1mm drill bits
  • 1 x Prokit clippers
  • 1 x 25mm model vice
  • 1 x razor saw
  • 1 x diamond files
  • 1 x bits box
  • 1 x AA tweezers

Plus a selection of modeling materials like plasticard and plastruct and a pot of Bits.

A big thanks goes out to Bits and kits for donating such an awesome prize! Also, like the other items people are offering, he is willing to ship direct to the winner world wide. (if anyone is wondering, Bits and Kits is located in the UK)


  1. Sounds like quite a haul. Thanks, Bits and Kits! Any chance they have a US distributor, in case I was in the market for some hobby tools and wanted to offer my money to a company doing nice things for the community (but would rather not have to pay for the overseas shipping)?

  2. Whoa, scratch that - if I'm reading their website right (and not mucking up the conversion too badly), it seems like shipping to the US is actually VERY reasonable (so reasonable that it seems unreasonable on their end!).

  3. yeah... I will be following this with interest :)

  4. TY Bits and Kits. Tools are always needed. I like that you are giving away a pot of bits too :)