Friday, April 8, 2011

More Santa Cruz Honor Roll

I was sitting here at work and came across another pleasent suprise. I was again listed on the Santa Cruz Warhammer Honor roll, this time for another conversion.

This model right here got me the first spot.

Whats really cool is a dread I sold to kellez1234 also made the list ;) Actually this one:

 kellez post:

My post on the same dread:

Enough tooking my own horn, anyone that hasnt seen the Santa Cruz Honor Roll should go check it out! Its got alot of great stuff from all around the web!


  1. I can see why those would be nominated for an honor, their beautiful creations!

  2. we are stoked with your stokedness
    Santa Cruz Warhammer.

  3. Yeah I thought that was pretty cool that i made the cut!!!!! I hit up Santa Cruz WH almost daily and they are a great blog!!!! I actually am working an my own AoBR Dread conversion right now while I wait for my paints to arrive! I wanted to ask you on your big bloated belly GS techniques?? A while back you had made a post about suggested techniques we may want to see and that was one that I suggested!! Could you send me some pointers on how you do it other than make a big blob of GS and start cutting.... Lol.. Let me (us) know how you do it!!

  4. I'm always incredibly impressed by the blog network for the hobby. The guys at SC (Mike/John) are pretty awesome and run a good show.

    I love checking in on what's going on around the hobby!