Sunday, February 27, 2011

Possessed Nurgle Dreadnought Finished

**NOTE 11/27/11 - This is specifically to the guy who linked to this as of today. When a post says finished, its a finished model from my past collection, specifically my work ive done and was proud of. This and ALL the nurgle stuff here was sold loooong ago via ebay, another link you reference. It also received good feedback for a super fast delivery. In fact, alot of the nurgle stuff here says how it was sold on ebay just as I state above. This thread post simply was one to show my personal work - Red**

**NOTE 12/2/11 - This is to RiTides - I closed my account on ebay. They didn't suspend me. When an account is closed, it says, no longer a registered user. It leaves the account "up" so that feedback is still given to others. The reason for closing it was clearly because a Dakka troll, after seeing my posts on dakka advertising the auctions, got in, bought my items, filed a claim against me and got a refund by me after he waited nearly 3 weeks to pay, by then I had sold the items, on your very forum as i had been advertising my ebay auctions there anyways. Ebay is built for the buyer, not the sellers.. Nothing is sold on this blog by me or anyone else and never will be.  - Red (I've also never hid what handle I use on forums here as well. I sign it just to be clear to you specifically)**

Noticed I didnt post this little guy with the other Nurgle Dreadnoughts. Since he was the first one to be made and sold on Ebay, I figured its only right that he gets a spot next to all the other dreads.

Please excuse the bright flash.

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  1. Sweet sick dreadnought. Grandpa nurgle is pleased.