Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A contest you say?

Drkmorals here and I know I have been all Willy Wonka on the Internets (not seen for awhile) due to my Adepticon Prep trying to get my army all done and such for "All State" level "mayhem" on the battlefield in less than two weeks time.

However there is this contest, What?! you haven't heard of this contest?!, 

Well I am sad to say its Dice Down Gentlemen and Ladies the submission time is passed. I can't post up a poll or other such nonsense to speed things along since I am not "The Architect" so I don't hold the "Keys to the Kingdom" per say.( I would just pawn them for party money or start changing the site to be more neshy) However I can help out by posting up the entries so we can get all religious up in this joint!! (judgmental if you're not reading between the lines..ZING) So enjoy some contest related Eye Candy not to be confused with nose candy. (Although if you like nose candy we aren't judging you here.... unless you're in the contest, then we technically are...)

So in the random order I have uploaded them I present......

Scott Weldon

This is my Chimera based looted wagon with Boom Gun for my 40K Ork army.  Scratch built the turrent, used lots of plasticard, orky bitz, and the pipe from the terrain set for the gun.  Oh, and lots and lots of hand cut rivets!

Rich Kappmeier

The chassis and legs are from a Robogear T-Rex model with extensive green-stuffing.  The arms are from a WHFB River Trolls kit.  The giant sword used to be a plastic utensil.  There are also a few Chaos bits from various vehicle kits and a very old Chaos chainsword (the right hand knife).  I got the side mounted weapons from the big Robogear game kit, but I don't remember which models they go to.  The tentacles and hoses were made using a Green Stuff Industries Tentacle Maker.  The battlecannon is just some 3/8" styrene tube.
The inspiration for this model is due to a lack of cash.  I frankly can't afford all the GW models I want, so I decided to buy the Robogear T-Rex for $10 and make my own Defiler.  It is considerably smaller than a standard Defiler, but so far, my opponents have not had an issue playing against it.

Igor Garcia

It's made from a space marines land speeder storm, basically I removed the engines and added four wheels from space marines bikes. The spoilers from the original vehicle were used as protectors for the wheels and to give it a more cross-country look. The multilaser and the windshields are from plastic sentinels as the crew, which were converted with cadian arms and heads. To finish it I added some Imperial Guard tank bits here and there, and fill some gaps with Magic Sculp. Not a complex conversion I know, but effective I think. I hope you like it!.

Lucius Von Kalteisen

As you can see, it's mostly a kitbash work with some minor modifications to the original model as in having it with just one front wheel pair (modded the original spring leaf suspension with easy cut and glue job).

There are, besides the obvious Battlewagon bits, different 40K bits (such as ladder, headlights, smoke-launcher and old bulldozer) and bits from several other vehicle kits:

- Trumpeteer's KV-1 tank bits, mostly as trackwheel rims and
- Tamiya's SdKfz 223 kit bits, in cockpit interior detailing, extra headlights, bumper bar on back and anchor rock shelf
- MRLS kit (can't remember the manufacturer) bits in cockpit interior (seats, levers, dashboard)
- Jaguar kit (can't remember the manufacturer) front bumper that the horns have been attached to and the AC unit on the cannon tower
- miniature chain from handicraft store: around frontbumper and from cannon tower to the "anchor stone" in the back
- Forge World resin part in form of the "anchor stone"; the stone is the overflow resin piece that is left over from actual FW resin models.

And as you can see from the pic 4, everything is still unglued so I can still build it up with different options if necessary. Also pic 4 show, at least somewhat in detail, what's there in the cockpit. Reinforced seat for the driver (and controls, of course, including hand brake... if it breaks, there's still the "anchor stone") and two seats for the crew. Also lockers for stuff, control gadgets for the bigger headlights and so on.

William Wright

This is my entry a Command Salamander I made from the stock Chimera kit.
Using the pics on the FW site as a reference(Was going to buy one when I relised I could do better)
I left off the back and added 1mm styrene around the chassis cutting the sides at a 45 degree to get the proper slope.
The outer detailing of it comes from the Sentenel kit,the windows with wipers a perfect match.
The new Chimera kits Turret flamer is a dead ringer for the FW kit I used the back end of the heavy stubber cut down and g/s to make the pintle mounted Heavy Flamer.
I used a Rhino and Land Raiders Comm Panels along with 2 sets of Chimera antenne for the advanced command level comms.
Not show is the six carbon fiber antenne that go on after the paintjob you can see them in the proff pic however.
I stocked it with moderate stowage ranging from FW to Academy 1:35 scale tank stowage.
The commanders headset is attached with 22 guage wire wrapped around a .030 rod,then I pulled out the rod(that sounded really dirty :P )
The Gunnery Sergeant is from the Chimera and Tank accessory sprues.

Jon Clegg

A while back, I built a Ragnarok style Leman Russ.  I followed the time honored tradition of starting with a Chimera hull, double-tracking it and adding a big square KV-2 style turret.  I used a few side armor plates from the Baneblade as turret sides etc.  It looked OK but fell a bit short of my expectations in terms of appearance. 

I subsequently stripped and rebuilt the hull but left the turret largely the same, only adding some green-stuff 'welds'.  Now the riveted Baneblade plates just looked out of place with the welds so I cut out the riveted plates, replaced them with plain plasticard and re-did the 'welds'.  Much better. 

I replaced all of the surface details on the top of the turret and added 2 Baneblade Periscopes.  Also, at this time, I rebuilt the Mantlet, to give the tank a beefier feeling.  The main gun is magnetized, as is the hull weapon and the two sponson turrets.  Also, I can magnetically attach a widened dozer blade.

Since I planned to use this tank primarily as a Demolisher/Executioner, I wanted to give the sides a more heavily armored look than just Chimera sides, I decided to add armored skirts, using Dave Taylor's excellent Vostroyan style Ragnaroks for inspiration.  The skirts are two layers of plasticard plus some plasticard 'C'-channel as framing.

Finally some details -- the steps on the side are made from C-channel cut to about the same length as the steps on the door of a Rhino.  The 'Iron V' insignia for Vostroya are castings from a master I built using 'C' channel, plastic rod and the skull from winged-skull insignia from the vehicle accessory sprue.


The model is based on the assault on black reach dreadnought. I have converted it to be a Death Guard dreadnought. I added lots of greenstuff to the body. I drilled and cut holes and modelled living tissue coming out and added lots of tentacles and cables. The close combat weapon was modified to be more spikey with some sprue and greenstuff. The base is a sandbag emplacement to fit with a trench theme. The head and torso of the sarcophagus are from the Chaos Terminator Lord set. 

Vincent Ng

Entry: Shen Long Landspeeder
Counts As: Land Speeder Typhoon

Details: Built for an Oriental Themed Space Marine army (some of whom are present in the seats as made evident via the converted shoulder pads and driver helmet). This land speeder was converted from a previously owned second hand vehicle. Prior damage such as excessive glue pooling, improperly aligned pieces, and even completely broken pieces like one of the rear wing, had to be corrected, which were either repaired completely. or covered with plasticard. most damage was evident in the front nose section, as visible in the side shot picture.

The most heavy conversion work is in the "mouth", which was rigged with plasticard tubes and magnets to create a functional jaw that can open and close tightly and freely. A Typhoon missile launcher can be swapped in and out of the jaw between the two heavy bolters on the sides of the mouth.

Herr Barnabás

Fluff in just 2 sentences if it needed: Iron Father Bjarok has been grievously wounded in battle, but not enough to be offered a venerable dreadnought chassis. Denied his ultimate union with the machine, he decideded that he would make his own engine of destruction, and also a shirne of the Omnissiah.

Used materials: a techmarine, IG sentinel parts, autoncannons, chainswords, flamers, land raider motor, some Sanctum Imperialis stuff, plasticard, putty/GS, and some other mixed bitz.

Kyle Kelly

This is a AoBR Dread conversion inspired by MWC's very own Matt!!! I bought a dread from him on eBay 2 years ago and it inspired me to build 3 others of my own. This is just one of the 3. It is a kitbash/conversion of Nurgly Goodness. Papa Nurgle would be proud!
It is the AoBR Dread
Left arm is Dual Flamer conversion from Land Raider kit
Right is Frag cannon from Furioso Dread
Banner from Chaos Space Marine Champ
Tubes from Dragon Forge
Chaos champ nurgle shoulder pad as helmet
Base is made from Cork, sand, and a beaten up and defeated Death watch dread sarcophagus
Lots and Lots of Green Stuff

David Alcón Kombo

This miniature is a conversion Scorpion brass of Khorne. The ogirinal miniature is a Chaos Defiler. Transform whith Demon Defiler and Baneblade.

Alexandre Dumillard

This is a Dreadnought of Chaos, affiliated to Nurgle. It is based on the Dreadnought of black Reach I began to paint few monthes ago, that's why it's blue.
To get the rusty and damaged effetcs, I used differents drills to score the sarcophagus and the arms. Oh, and there's nylon, small chains, guitar strings, plastic card and green stuff, of course.

This is a non exhaustive list, but I used a lot of pieces of very differents GW kits :
tyranides (for the claws and the growths),
wh40k chaos vehicle set (guns, exhausts and trophies on the top),
terminators of chaos(for the body),
dreadnought ork pieces (the reservoir of the left arm and cable on the back),
Battle Warriors of chaos (head of the servitor) ,
Battle skeletons and zombies (horns,bell and chains). 

Mark Hofmann

A bit about the project:

A properly-scaled Stormraven was one of the things on my to-do list (and I'm too cheap to shell out for the Chapterhouse kit). I built out the hull with layers of plasticard, reinforced by "L"beams, until it ended up being ten inches long from stem to stern. The rear section is big enough to swallow a Dreadnaught.... well, sideways (or maybe if he pulls his shoulders in a bit? Either way that part of the hull is 2 1/2 inches tall, which is plenty) I was going to mod the entire rear section to flip down, Valkyrie-style (instead of just the troop hatch) but just sort of ran out of time. Anyway, there's also now a set of gaping side doors for a squad of assault marines to jump out of, instead of having to pile out of those tiny front doors under the cockpit. Instead of the stock hurricane bolters, I decided to use a pair of the manlier Land Raider Crusader versions. I also magnetized the mounts to adhere to magnets mounted on the insides of the forward side doors, so they sit flush against the hull. The chin turret mount (as oppose to that terrible dorsal mount; it's a ground-attack aircraft, after all) is entirely magnetized, so besides being removable, the assault cannons can also be swapped out for lascannons. The wings are also magnetized for easy removal and storage, as are the landing gear. The nose-mounted multi-melta isn't, because I felt the other weapon options suck and wouldn't ever use them, ever. Last, but not least, the gun servitor found a new home inside (see photo), plugged into the main computer so he can run everything.

Pär Nordlund

Here is my entry.

It is a Dreadnaught for my Witch Hunters gone Ordo Malleus in the new Codex GK, 
but keeping to more gothic referenses.

Shortened Sentinel legs with a Blood Slaugterer torso and a Cityfight lamp as the head/eye.
IG Autocannons protruding from Dreadknight exhausts 
and pieces from Cityfight, Baneblade and GK to make the little chapel on top.

Lots of great entries!!! Judging to start in the very near future so tune back in to cast your votes!!!


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