Thursday, March 17, 2011

April "Pay It Forward" Prizes Listed.

Hey ladies and gents! Ive recently gotten together the almost 100% finalized prize list for April. Everything posted is confirmed but there are a few things that may still get offered up that aren't posted yet (a full size Tau carbine (!!),  Epic stuff and possibly some FoW stuff)

So... Here we go! April's prize list! 
  •     $100 Gift Certificate/Credit Coupon for any GW product Online
  •      GW Mega Paint set - The older one with the screw lids but never opened. Donated by a follower, Alcarmeshi.
My Local Hobbytown USA has offered up 4 of the new Orc and Goblin boxs as they get released this month. I will spread it out to 4 winners. (Thanks Jeff!)
  •     Savage Orcs Box set

  •     Wurrzag Special Character

  •     River Trolls Box Set

  •     Orc and Goblin Arachnarok Box Set (SUPER FREAKING COOL)

  •     2 Past Golden Demon Winners have offered to paint a squad each at the winners choice. The squad picked will be supplied by
  •      Full set of GF9 Templates (for one person)
  •      2 Sets of Custom Dice from Chessix . Designed by the winner.
  •   2 Tubes of Green Stuff Epoxy Putty
  •      $50 dollar US gift coupon to Dragonforge Bases. Can be used for any products Jeff sells on his       webstore. He has some amazing sets to deck out that army you've been working on. (there just might also be a new base set in the works by yours truly for the Dragonforge store!)
  • CoD Set - The Fortress of Redemption (opened but still on sprue) donated kindly by Preston, the winner of Bjorn the Fellhanded during this months give away. 

Grey Knight prizes via Walters Shop:

1-2 Battle Brother Squads:

and possibly even a Nemesis Dreadknight!:

 Grey Knight Stormraven:

  • Bits and Kits Modeling Tool Starter Set - I'm still waiting of exact details on what this will include but from the broad idea, it will consist of: Clippers, Knife, Pin Vice, Saw, Vice Glue, Tweezers and a Bitz Box. I should have the exact list along with a picture of the actual prize direct from Bits and Kits soon (and for sure before the end of the auction)
  • Sealed Necromunda Escher Gang from Squigly. (picture incoming from Squigly but I assume its the box that was sold for awhile as he said its OOP)

Anyone that has any ideas for other prizes that you'd like me to try and get for the give away, let me know via comments here. Anyone wishing to donate something can also contact via comments here and we can go over how follower donations work, but to sum up, you have the option to pick the winner at random for your item, as well as ship it direct to them yourself if you like.

I once again want to think everyone for all the support in spreading the word and its great to see the Pay It Forward starting on other blogs and forums and even from what I've heard, on local levels. Lets keep this up folks, this is what community is all about.



  1. ok just to be sure I participate just by being a follower?

  2. Wow, thats a massive give away! I double the previous question!

  3. Some amazing prizes! Can't wait for the drawing!

  4. Wow, what a collection of great prizes! That Dreadknight looks sweet!

  5. @woroxon - Yeah thats correct.

    Some 40k troops would be good for prizes. 1 box per prize. A broad selection for all to choose.

  6. So I have a 1 in 1056 chance, eh? I'd be more than inclined to pay it forward if I won a heap of stuff like that.

  7. goooorghh those grey knights look amazing! would love to get one

    anyway just thought i'd say like everyone else amazing thing you're doing are the knight paladin for sale still?

  8. wow that a lot of stuff to be giving away

  9. Wow, very generous. I have to get in on this...

  10. Top prizes :)

    Thanks to all the donators.

  11. how do i send you something to donate?

  12. verifying that In a follower since Ii want that mega paint set or at least the fortress (least hahaha).
    anyway is great all the loot.

  13. Again another great effort. Very generous of the donaters. :)

  14. Fingers crossed, my new school club im starting up could do with a nice paint set!!!


  15. Wow that's a serious prize list..! Been following for a while now, so fingers crossed..!