Sunday, April 10, 2011

Converting a New Nurgle Lord - Want feedback

Ok folks,

I did this guy last year fir ebay but have since decided to remake him so he can have a nice spot on my shelf.

Now what I need from you guys and gals is feedback on what should be changed, added or removed. Im looking to think utside my normal box, so with everyones help, we can make one killer Nurgle Lord.

Im also more then willing to explain how I made him if anyone is interested in making one of their own.


  1. The two horns make him look like a Khornate Lord. Remember that Nurgle only give one horn.. :)

  2. Hehe they are actually jaws with teeth but yea I do see your point :D

    Lets keep those ideas coming! I think ill be auctioning it off for LiveStrong once that project starts in less then a month.

  3. I wish the lighting was better... he's all yellow. Or maybe that's on purpose?

    His cloak is a little too nice. Needs some icky postules, plague etc on it. MORE PUS=better!

  4. The lighting could be better, but he looks really good. Doesn't really scream nurgle though.. As Loq says, more pus!!

  5. I think he lacks a bit of nurlgish feeling.

    Breack that horns and claw, remove some teeth (they are too regular), rip that mantle... well he need dirt. Much dirt! :D

    For the standard, I thinks you should rise the skulls, in this manner tehy should form, along with che head in top, the logo of nurgle.

    I don't like shoulder pad with skull, and least but not last I will add a little of green stuff to the stomach, make it a big belly! :D

    Of course all IMHO! :D

  6. CLEAVER!! Dude needs a big nasty rusty cleaver. I think the scythe for nurgle is a bit over done.. After I made mine I thought

    And a big bloated Papa N belly!!!

    I'm not a fan of the possessed arms ditch that and surround him with nurglings

  7. That's a damn sweet model. You could add a little more organs showing out of the belly

  8. Fantastic looking model. I would agree some guts from the stomach would complete the Nurgle-feel to it. Also some postuls around the base.