Monday, April 25, 2011

Final Week to Enter to Win a Mars Pattern Warhound and more!

Hey folks,

Well, the time has finally arrived!

The may 1st drawing is just around the corner, in 1 week exactly. As most of you know it will be the final Pay It Forward give away being hosted here at MWC. But what makes this a special event besides that is the fact the top prize being give away, completely free, is a brand new Forgeworld Mars Pattern Warhound titan with a Vulcan Mega Bolter and an Inferno Cannon. Read to lay down a hail of shells and fire, ensuring nothing before it can stand in its path. This event is super special to us at MWC- so we're going all out. We're giving away a BRAND NEW Forge World Mars Pattern Warhound Titan, with Vulcan Mega Bolter and Inferno Cannon. This baby is ready to lay down a hail of shells and fire, ensuring nothing can stand in its path.

While this months give away is light on prizes compared to others, the top prize more then thumps all other past prizes combined. But the warhound isn't the only thing. A good friend, Joel has offered up 100 dollars in store credit for ANY warmachine/hordes items your heart could desire. Also, the wonderful chaps at battlefront games have offered to donate ANY 40k battleforce at the winners choice. And not to forget, 75 dollars in Batlefoam Products chosen by the winner. So to Sum them up:

 Prizes for the May 1st Drawing:
  • Mars Pattern Warhound Titan. brand new, only the parts have been cleaned but not assembled.
  • 100 dollar gift certificate for any Warmachine and/or Hordes items you can think of, INCLUDING pre releases.
  • Choice of ANY 40k Battleforce Box Set.
  • 75 dollars in Battlefoam, picked by the winner.

Sadly though, after May 1st, Pay It Forward will be eclipsed by a new project that we here at MWC have had in the works for a few weeks now. For those that don't know, its called LiveStrong Wargaming Project. Full info of it can be found here. But basically to sum it up for those that don't like linkys, basically we here at MWC and over 20 other blogs now are going to be listing stuff we don't need, building and painting other things and then listing it all on ebay via ebays Giving Works program. it allows all proceeds to be donated DIRECTLY into the charity of choice. We here at MWC are choosing LiveStrong due to its great fight against cancers of all types but anyone taking part can choose exactly what Charity the proceeds go to. While we here at MWC are trying to get the word out and be the Hub for it, we encourage all parties that want to be involved to give the Giving Works program a shot to see how it works first hand.

We also encourage any blog or person that wants to help spread the word to check here. All we ask is that you run either he MWC banner or the LiveStrong banner and link to this page. Your help can keep this ball going and become something every single one of us can be proud of.

We will still be offering a monthly give away but the items will come from our own stuff. All donations of items will start heading over to Gifts of Mork if its not LiveStrong related. Some of the items will most likely include scratch built things, items painting to a high standard or even a few limited edition items that are laying around amongst the team.

So with a lot of talk about Gifts of Mork I'm sure your wanting more details if you don't already know. Well.... its a new organization, run by Jason/Arch and hosted on (full info can be found here, and just like Pay It Forward all you have to do is be a follower to be entered) Gifts of Mork is also much more then just a free give away. They plan to not only give stuff away but also bring artists together for charity events with all proceeds going to various charity organizations. In a way its similar to LiveStrong but in a much more broad spectrum as well as continuing to give away free stuff to lucky folks drawn at random from their follower list, similar to how its done here. Go check them out now and start following!

So that should cover it all. Be sure to check back daily for updates and DON'T FORGET, check here on May 1st at 12 noon central time. Ill have the winners posted. They then have 24 hours to contact me with the priority list of items in order from most wanted to least wanted AND your shipping address.

The MWC Crew


  1. There is very little I want more in this world than a Titan. I mean I guess world peace or some junk like that...but yeah. SO excited for this drawing. I know I have a 1 in 1217 chance, and probably less than that by the time the drawing comes around, but gawd DAMN that is a sweet ass prize. And the battlefoam is no slouch either.

    And good for you guys, going with a Livestrong charity. That's a great way to help the wargaming scene give back to the community while simultaneously getting parts and bits that you don't need or want into the hands of those that do.

  2. Very cool! Owning a Titan model is definitely on my to do list one of these days. I doubt I would paint it for a while or even pay someone so It came out perfect, but wow, how amazing would it be!

    The winner would certainly be a very lucky person!

  3. Wait, is it a 40k scale or epic scale titan???
    The one pictured appears to be the FW epic one, which is why I ask.

  4. @Das - Only previous winners are taken out of the drawing.

    @Ruyn - Its the only picture I can find of the mars pattern assembled but not painted. Its for the 40k one, not the epic one. The very kind man donating it has taken the parts out of the bags but only tyo clean them. Nothing has been assembled.

  5. You have lost your mind. But for one lucky person it will be well worth the efforts.

  6. Even the epic one would be a nice win, but what the hey, I'd take one.

  7. It's May 1st, and no drawing yet? It's alright if it's just coming late, but I wanted to make sure this is still on, haha.