Tuesday, April 5, 2011


GalaxyGobbo is a collective group-buy website powered and run by wargamers. As a collective group we can gather exclusive deals, offers and sales for items from GW, Privateer, and other wargaming companies
We were invited here to share some of our knowledge with the wargaming community on our many cost saving ways you, a wargamer, can do to maximize your wargaming expenditures and obtain the most bang for your buck!  Why?  Well wargaming isn't cheap and we are going to show you some great conversions, modeling ideas, and overall shopping guides that will help you buy more effectively.  The more money you save the more money you have to buy more models of course!

Our latest wargaming deal.  We helped over 40 people around the world get the new GK at a much cheaper price than any online store. Period.

And yes, while we may from time to time have some shameless self-plugs that is not our overall goal here.  You will be seeing tutorials and real content articles coming from us as we are serious on helping the wargaming community ultimately save money.  Whether that be from us or not.  It is all about making informed decisions and we will be glad to share what we know.

So stay tuned and be on the lookout for us!  We might even drop some exclusive deals on here that you wouldn't even find on our own site ;D!

~Gobbo Out


  1. Hmmm...I was wholly unsure what you guys were before now. I'm very glad to know now.

  2. Let us know if you have any questions!